Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 11

Raven led the trio to the huge gateway in the middle ocean.  Once again Zaude, grabbed his ship as they approached in some strange red aura.  Raven did not fight the beam as he remembered from the last encounter.  He moored the ship next to ring and helped Kaufman and Leblanc off.

Raven went in through the same hole as before and began to head to the top of the staircase.  Until he got into the chamber that he had the fight with Yeager before.  Other then two small pools of blood there was no sign that the fight ever took place.  He continue to head to the top of the archway.

“Why is so important we get the top?”  Kaufman panted out of breathe.

“Cause if the legend is true, we can’t let it fall into evil hands”  Raven explained.

“What’s it?”  She asked.

Raven heard the question but ignored it.  He feared even thinking if the legends was true but, Zaude was supposed to be just a myth, not a real place, so maybe he thought the rest of the legend was true too.  Zaude was a piece of ancient technology from the Kritian civilization’s star traveling days.  Zaude was supposed to remain lost for a reason, and he figured a good one as well.

Once they reached the top the archway an opening that led to the crystal top appeared.  Raven continued to move at a breakneck speed.  He saw a figure in the distance but couldn’t make out who it was.

“Hey!”  Raven shouted.

The man just looked his way and smirked.  He had long blonde hair and had a strange object in his hand.  The object was small.  It had a handle and place to put the index finger in a small ring.  The top of the object stretch out towards where he pointed it and there was a small hole at the end of it.

Raven didn’t know what this was but, he knew it wasn’t anything good.  He pulled his mini crossbow which already had a dart ready to fire.  He fired at the man.  Raven was puzzled by the man’s response of laughing at him.

Suddenly, the man pulled the trigger his index finger was on and, the object made a huge noise.  The noise was followed by a small metal projective flying towards Raven.  He slid over just barely missing the metal projectile howling pass.

“Stay back!  This guy got some kind of magical weapon!”  Raven ordered.

Kaufman was frozen in fear for a few moments.  She did not want to leave the love of her life but, Leblanc grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

“We can’t leave him!”  Kaufman proclaimed.

“We’re not leaving Milady, but Raven can’t be his best worrying about us”  Leblanc countered as he continued to lead her back inside.

Raven reached into his bag of tricks and pulled a small black ball and waited for his moment to use it.  The man pointed the object at him again.  Raven threw the ball into the air.  As it reached its apex, the ball broke open and a high pitch sound roared out.  Raven had spent many years developing the ability to focus his senses and filter out what he did not want.  As suspected the man had to cover his ears to the blaring wail.

Raven aimed his bow and fired an arrow directly into the hole of the object.  The man defiantly tried to use the weapon again but with the arrow lodged inside the object backfired and blew up in his hand.  The man screamed out as his hand was burned almost to midnight black skin.

“Who are you and what was that thing?”  Raven interrogated him with his bow still ready on him.

“I’m Duke, and that was a gun, my dear birdie”  Duke laughed insanely.

Duke rushed Raven and before he could fire his bow the man got pass him.  As Raven looked back he saw Duke reached into his pocket and pressed a button on another small object.  Suddenly, a huge roar came from the distance.  A huge metal bird swooped in.  The bird hovered just a foot above the surface of the roof and, it’s upper lip flipped up and Duke climbed inside.

“Some kind of flying machine?”  Raven asked himself.

Kaufman headed back outside as Duke made his ascend.  She was approaching Raven as the Duke flew towards Raven firing his metal bird’s guns at Raven in rapid fire.  Raven stumbled backward as he was hit again and again with metal projectiles, until he fell off the edge of Zaude.

“Raven!”  Kaufman shouted as she ran to the edge of the roof.

Kaufman could only helplessly watched as the world’s greatest ranger and her soul mate fell towards the ocean below.  Tears flowed down her face as hung her head in defeat.  She then decided maybe she could save him by jumping in herself.  She prepared to joined when Leblanc pulled her back.

“No, Lady Kaufman that’s suicide”  He said.

“He’s gone, Leblanc”  She cried into his arms.

The end

To be continued in The Kaufman's Fortunate

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