Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raven Files Prologue

Commander Sodia was sitting at her desk.  Her weary green eyes blinked as she tried to stay away as she continued to write our report on Brave Vesperia’s involvement with Duke.  She still harbored ill feelings towards Yuri Lowell despite he and his team had saved the planet.  The idea that she owned her life to a criminal made her skin crawled.  She sighed as relunitcally had to agree with her Commanding Officer Flynn Scifo’s recommendation that all the charges on Yuri Lowel and the rest of Brave Vesperia were false and must be dropped.  Suddenly there was a knock at her door.  Before she could answer it, the door swung open.

It was a smallish guy with a bad cowlick in his brown hair that ran inside her office.  He jumped around as he inconherietly addressed her.  Without the proper respect of her rank as she took note and she cut him off to get a more official response by her aide.

“Witcher!  Calm down and address me properly this instant!” She ordered.

“Oh I’m sorry Commander, but you have to see it.  It’s incredible they date back before the great war”  Witcher answered.

“What does?”  She asked.

Witcher grabbed her arm and began to run off with her.  He led her down towards the dungeron of the headquarters of Hellilord.  That when Sodia noticed the hole in the wall.  She pulled away from him and crossed her arms.

“Witcher what happened to that cell wall”  She demanded.

“The recent quake broke it, inside the wall is where we found these”  Witcher handed her a box of documents.

She took a look at one them.

Location Mount Temza
Assignment recon on the Kritia

The Krita have designed a new blastia terminology it could be a turning point in the war.  If these weapons are used against the empire.  I request permission to destory these blastia.
Raven the Great

“Witcher! Do you know what you’ve found?”  She said with a glee in her eye.

“No, that’s why I got you”  He said.

“The Raven Files”  She answered.

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