Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raven Files Chapter 1

Raven entered Daghgrest the home of the guilds.  Most of the guilds were good and useful.  Raven belonged to the Ranger guild Alstok, who provide observation and espionage services.  “For a fee of course” He added  to himself.  Other guilds included the Hunting Blades, the Soul Smiths, and Fortunate’s Market, each of which provided their service to the public.  However there was one guild that wasn’t on the up and up.  The Blood Alliance were a terrible lot that included assassins, thieves, and other thugs.  Blood Alliance had their own tavern in the town called the Crimson Tears.  Raven knew that he couldn’t just waltzed into the tavern as he was.  He slipped into the the local inn and unzipped his travel bag.

He pulled out a cloak.  This was no ordinary cloak at all.  The Soul Smith master Ambrose had it made especially for Raven.  The cloak was endowed with a special property that allowed Raven to walk through objects.  A gift for saving his life two years prior from the Entellica Phaeroh.  The Entellica were large creatures that spoke the common tongue despite their monstrous appearance.  Some were reasonable, some were fierce but, there was Phaeroh who was a bit of both.  Plus Phaeroh was one of the most powerful members of his kind.  A large phoenix type Entellica who bright red and orange feathers were both a beauty and fearful sight.  A powerful creature that Raven hoped he never had to face again if possible.

With his cloak on he left and walked towards the tavern.  The tavern had no guards at the door which Raven knew was unusual.  Instead of walking through one of the side walls like he planned he entered through the door like a normal person would.

The tavern was filled with the lowest of the low.  A group of assassins were making bets on how many marks they could take in next week, while another group were planning a big heist for jewels, and some were just getting themselves drunk.  Raven slowly and discreetly made his way to a back table where he could observe without much detention.  A waitress came to offer him a drink but he declined.  She gave him a nasty look but, as he silently said to himself “I don’t drink while I’m working”  Suddenly, a backdoor was flown open and a young man in shining armor was thrown through it.

“We ‘ve caught ourselves a knight laddies”  A big brute said as he walked through the door.

His name was Barbos, the leader of the Blood Alliance.  He was a nasty blot that had cause Alstok many problems over the years.  Raven knew his mission had shifted.  He had to find a way to rescue this young knight.  Raven stood from his chair and walked up towards Barbos.

“Please Master Barbos, allow me the honor to take care of this trash”  Raven said with a half bow of respect.

“I like members that take initiate, very well hooded one, kill the runt right now”  Barbos ordered.

“Oh Master Barbos, but wouldn’t it be better to do it outside so we don’t dirty the floor with his blood”  Raven answered,

“Nah, we dropped tons of blood on the floor before and if you were of the Alliance you would known that, lads we have a spy as well”  Barbos alerted the others.

Now with the ruse Raven tried obviously failing he drew his bow and aimed an arrow towards one of the windows.  A rope was attached to this arrow and when he fired it a zip line was created.  He grabbed the young man.  He was pulled forward towards the window,  The knight’s eyes got as big as saucers as he believed they were going to crash into the window but, because of Raven’s special cloak they passed through the glass.

Outside the tavern Raven prepared two more arrows for the next step of his escape.  As the thugs came out after him he fired an arrow that exploded just in front of the door and blinded anyone around.  He grabbed the young knight and ran towards the exit of the town.  As he approached the bridge he fired the other arrow he pulled out.  This one sent a net that captured two of the Alliance that were giving pursuit.  Once out of Daghgrest, he finally had the opportunity to talk to his new charge.

“You made my life a lot more complex mister knight”  Raven said.

“I’m sorry Sir, umm I didn’t catch your name”  The knight answered.

“I didn’t throw it and neither did you throw yours, mister knight”  Raven replied.

“Oh right, I’m Sir Leblanc, what is your name kind sir”  Leblanc asked.

“I’m Raven”  He answered.

“Oh thank you Sir Raven”  Leblanc replied

“No sir, just Raven”  He demanded.

“Sorry, Just Raven, sir”  Leblanc said.

Raven sighed.  He wondered if all the knights were as thickheaded as this one?


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