Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 1

Sodia and Witcher continued to go through the files that had found several weeks ago.  Witcher noticed something strange with the next folder of files.

“The handwriting looks different in this folder”  The young aide handed  his commanding officer the folder.

Sodia gave him a glare that only she could.  She took delight as he shuddered in fear from her look.  She looked at the files and, she was surprised that the young man was correct.  The first writing was from someone that was clearly left handed.  She could tell because she noticed the ink blots caused by the hand being dragged through while the ink hadn’t completely dried.  Sodia saw the signature below one of the files.

Lady Kelly Kaufman

Kaufman and Leblanc left Zaude hanging their heads.  She was still in shock that Raven had fallen to his death.  She also knew though that the man responsible for killing the great archer was going to be trouble for the world.  She knew that if Raven was here he would say that  “We have to stop him, because it’s the right thing to do”  His words echoed in her head.  She also knew that she would need help to carry that wish out though/

She ordered the Fietra to head for Norpolico Stadium.  She hoped to find great warriors that fought and won in the games.  She would even pay for their services if that was what it took.  She and Leblanc was about to head over to Stadium when Natz saw them and ordered the guards to attack them.

“I forgot those idiots made us wanted too unfairly”  Kaufman said as they ran the other direction.

A guard tackled the petite redhead.  She tried to kick him off but he placed his blade against her throat.

“Enough of that Lady of Profit or I’ll make sure you never make any money again”  He threatened.

As the guard’s blade got ever closer and closer to her skin a metal star came flying in and knocked him backward.  Kaufman looked up and saw a girl.  The girl was dressed in a black and pink leather top and matching pants.  The girl picked up her big metal star and hoister it over her back,  She offered her hand and pulled up Kaufman.

The guards surrounded the trio and smirked as they believed they had the advantage.

“You two, stay low”  The girl pulled her big star.

She pulled the star back and swung it around three times before releasing it.  The star flew around in a circular motion becoming a saw blade that ripped through the guards’ armors.  The guards ran in fear as the star returned to her hand and she pulled it back as if she was going to throw it again.

“That’s right run you idiots!”  She shouted.

She began to walk off but, Kaufman grabbed her arm.

“Wait for a moment, I have an offer for you”  Kaufman proclaimed.

“You want to hire me for something don’t you Lady of Profit?”  She asked.

“Yes”  Kaufman replied and explained the situation.

“Well, count me in, oh forgive my manners, I’m Nan of the Hunting Blades”  Nan smiled as she accepted the offer.

“Your first member of your army, you doing well already Milady”  Leblanc said.

“Well what do you expect?  I know how to make a good investment”  Kaufman took the wheel of the Fietra.

Nan was a good first pick but, Kaufman knew that she would need more then just one warrior for this assignment.  She decided to head off to the Daghgrest next for more recruiting.  She knew they would have to be more careful for now on but, at least if Nan was a sign of things to come her army was going to be something special.

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