Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 4

Norcpolio was Vesperia’s third largest city and the largest of the Desier continent.  The city’s most notable feature was the stadium.  It held well over three hundred thousand crazed people that loved their games.  Battles of warriors of many styles and from many walks of life.  Raven hated them.  He believed only to fight to protect yourself, your family, or your friends.  Fighting for someone’s perverse pleasure of it sicken him.  Raven entered the ante-theater.  He was going to make with his client and report on his progress.  But as he tried to head up the stairs to Don Whitehorse’s office.  Two large thugs grabbed him.

“Let go of me.  I am an officer of Alstok, and I must report in to my the Don!”  Raven shouted.

Instead of letting him go though one of the thugs took his club and smashed it over Raven’s head.  At that time Kaufman had caught up.

“What are you two idiots doing?  This is Raven the Great, Don Whitehorse’s top agent”  Kaufman declared.

The club swung again and smacked Kaufman across the jaw.  She flew backward and hit the wall.

“Take the man to the Game Master, the young lady take her to my bed”  A man on top of the stairs ordered.

Raven awaken few minutes later with a large one eye brute over him.  He recognized him right away.  Barbios the leader of the Blood Alliance.

“Well spy-boy you going to fight in the games today, or your young girlfriend will be in my bed tonight lad”  Barbios laughed as he knew Raven had no real choice.

“If you touch her, I swear I’ll kill you  bastard”  Raven said.

“Good you’re angry, you going to need that anger lad, I’ll make you a deal, you survive all three rounds the red head is yours”  Barbios laughed as he walked out.

Raven knew he couldn’t trust Barbios to keep that promise but, he couldn’t let that creep harm Kaufman either.  He thought about his reasons he would fight, and this definitely fell into his cases.  One he had to fight to stay alive, two he has to protect his friend, and finally he has to fight because if he doesn’t  his girlfriend will be raped.

He entered the large open arena and was greeted by a cascade of boos.  In the middle of the audience was a box for the elites.  In that box sat Barbios with Kaufman on his side, she kept looking away as she was very uncomfortable.  Raven scanned the crowd and noticed Leblanc on one far end,  He looked the young knight’s way and pointed at Barbios.  Leblanc silently nodded.

Raven approached the first opponent.  An announcer called out and the crowd roared.

“Today we have a special challenge!  One of the Alstok’s elite rangers, Raven the Great is being tested by three of the Blood Alliance’s finest!  Up first the spear of cruelty, master of hate, Yeager!”  The Announcer advertised.

“Idiot, that’s not a spear it’s a reaper”  Raven said quietly.

Raven didn’t have time to think about that though,  Yeager swung the blade around his neck and, Raven ducked at the last moment.  Yeager continued to make big powerful swings which Raven continue to avoid with his agility but, then Yeager surprised Raven with a low swing that nicked the archer’s shin.  Yeager prepared for a downward slam of the reaper into Raven’s chest but, it’s the opening he had been waiting for his Yeager’s defenses down, Raven fired a blinding shot into his face,  As the flash blinded Yeager, Raven prepared another arrow and, fired into Yeager’s arm.  Yeager pulled the arrow out but, then moments later he became dazed and fell over as the sleeping agent took effect.

Raven took a look over the crowd checking Leblanc’s progress to get to Kaufman.  He was still several yards away.  Raven knew he had to survive round two at least before Leblanc would reach her.  The next opponent walked up to Raven.

“Are you ready for round two!  I know I am!  Please welcome the dean of mean, and the true master archer!  Cumore!”  The Announcer advertised the next fight.

Raven slapped his forehead for a moment.

“That’s a crossbow, you idiot!”  He shouted/

Cumore fired several bolts at Raven and Raven tried to avoid them but, the second one nicked his rib cage but, then Cumore needed to reload and that was Raven’s opening and pulled back and aimed right for the crossbow’s barrel.  He shot his arrow into the barrel and disabled the weapon.  Cumore threw it down and ran towards him.  Raven dropped his bow and as Cumore got in close he grabbed him.  He spun Cumore around and grabbed his neck.  He squeezed till the man was out.

Raven looked over and saw that Leblanc was almost close enough but, he would have to continue his fight before the plan was in place.  The third man walked towards Raven.

“This is it folks, the main event!  Does Raven the somewhat good have enough in him!  Now entering the battle is a master of swords, the titan of terror!  Zagi!”  The Announcer riled up the crowd.

“This is got to be the dumbest announcer on the planet those are daggers not swords”  Raven sighed.

Zagi lunged at him and though normally Raven would easily had avoided he slashed across his chest.  Raven is pushes Zagi back and, the knife expert cuts into his quad.  His leg gave out due to this is the same one that Yeager injured earlier.  Zagi grabs Raven by his neck and raises a dagger to his throat.  Raven reaches into his bag and pulls out one his hand bombs.  He tosses above their heads and it explodes.  Zagi lets go of him as he looks away from the flash.  Raven picks up one of Zagi’s own daggers and plunges it into his gut.

Raven rolls away from him and fires another sleep arrow which hits Zagi in a matter of moments, his final challenge is taken down.

“Congratulations, spy-boy, your reward is you die now”  Barbios laughed.

“I think not you fiend”  Sir Leblanc said with his sword against Barbios’ small of back.

Barbios pushed him away and began to run away.  Leblanc could had ran after him but, instead he cut Kaufman free first, and by the time he looked back he was gone.

Kaufman ran down to the arena floor and wrapped her arms around Raven which grunted in pain/

“Not so hard, I hurt all over young lady”  Raven grunted.

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