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Raven Files chapter 11

Raven led the trio to the huge gateway in the middle ocean.  Once again Zaude, grabbed his ship as they approached in some strange red aura.  Raven did not fight the beam as he remembered from the last encounter.  He moored the ship next to ring and helped Kaufman and Leblanc off.

Raven went in through the same hole as before and began to head to the top of the staircase.  Until he got into the chamber that he had the fight with Yeager before.  Other then two small pools of blood there was no sign that the fight ever took place.  He continue to head to the top of the archway.

“Why is so important we get the top?”  Kaufman panted out of breathe.

“Cause if the legend is true, we can’t let it fall into evil hands”  Raven explained.

“What’s it?”  She asked.

Raven heard the question but ignored it.  He feared even thinking if the legends was true but, Zaude was supposed to be just a myth, not a real place, so maybe he thought the rest of the legend was true too.  Zaude was a piece of ancient technology from the Kritian civilization’s star traveling days.  Zaude was supposed to remain lost for a reason, and he figured a good one as well.

Once they reached the top the archway an opening that led to the crystal top appeared.  Raven continued to move at a breakneck speed.  He saw a figure in the distance but couldn’t make out who it was.

“Hey!”  Raven shouted.

The man just looked his way and smirked.  He had long blonde hair and had a strange object in his hand.  The object was small.  It had a handle and place to put the index finger in a small ring.  The top of the object stretch out towards where he pointed it and there was a small hole at the end of it.

Raven didn’t know what this was but, he knew it wasn’t anything good.  He pulled his mini crossbow which already had a dart ready to fire.  He fired at the man.  Raven was puzzled by the man’s response of laughing at him.

Suddenly, the man pulled the trigger his index finger was on and, the object made a huge noise.  The noise was followed by a small metal projective flying towards Raven.  He slid over just barely missing the metal projectile howling pass.

“Stay back!  This guy got some kind of magical weapon!”  Raven ordered.

Kaufman was frozen in fear for a few moments.  She did not want to leave the love of her life but, Leblanc grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

“We can’t leave him!”  Kaufman proclaimed.

“We’re not leaving Milady, but Raven can’t be his best worrying about us”  Leblanc countered as he continued to lead her back inside.

Raven reached into his bag of tricks and pulled a small black ball and waited for his moment to use it.  The man pointed the object at him again.  Raven threw the ball into the air.  As it reached its apex, the ball broke open and a high pitch sound roared out.  Raven had spent many years developing the ability to focus his senses and filter out what he did not want.  As suspected the man had to cover his ears to the blaring wail.

Raven aimed his bow and fired an arrow directly into the hole of the object.  The man defiantly tried to use the weapon again but with the arrow lodged inside the object backfired and blew up in his hand.  The man screamed out as his hand was burned almost to midnight black skin.

“Who are you and what was that thing?”  Raven interrogated him with his bow still ready on him.

“I’m Duke, and that was a gun, my dear birdie”  Duke laughed insanely.

Duke rushed Raven and before he could fire his bow the man got pass him.  As Raven looked back he saw Duke reached into his pocket and pressed a button on another small object.  Suddenly, a huge roar came from the distance.  A huge metal bird swooped in.  The bird hovered just a foot above the surface of the roof and, it’s upper lip flipped up and Duke climbed inside.

“Some kind of flying machine?”  Raven asked himself.

Kaufman headed back outside as Duke made his ascend.  She was approaching Raven as the Duke flew towards Raven firing his metal bird’s guns at Raven in rapid fire.  Raven stumbled backward as he was hit again and again with metal projectiles, until he fell off the edge of Zaude.

“Raven!”  Kaufman shouted as she ran to the edge of the roof.

Kaufman could only helplessly watched as the world’s greatest ranger and her soul mate fell towards the ocean below.  Tears flowed down her face as hung her head in defeat.  She then decided maybe she could save him by jumping in herself.  She prepared to joined when Leblanc pulled her back.

“No, Lady Kaufman that’s suicide”  He said.

“He’s gone, Leblanc”  She cried into his arms.

The end

To be continued in The Kaufman's Fortunate

Raven Files chapter 10

Raven sat up and grabbed his chest.  The deep plunge of Yeager’s sickle was almost vanished.  Only an inch long scar in its place.  Raven looked around to see he had been moved while he was out.  He stood and gathered up his belongs.

“So you’re leaving without even a word”  A voice from behind.

Raven turned and saw a beautiful Kritian seeing in the doorway.  Her long ears nearly hit the floor and her blue eyes matched her dress.  Raven looked down at his hand where he worn his ring.

“If you were expecting, something intimate, I’m taken”  Raven raised his hand so she could see his vow.

“Oh I know, but your young wife is mad at you right now isn’t she?  You left her on that deserted island”  The female shook her finger and teased Raven.

Raven walked over to her and slightly pushed her to get by.  He wasn’t interested in endless drabble.  He had finally found Zaude and, because of Yeager and this bunny girl he was now not there.  He looked around and recognized Port Torim.  He slightly smiled and thought at least he knew where he was.

“Stop!  Murderer!”  The town guards shouted.

That’s when Raven remembered he had been framed for the murder of Don Whitehorse.  He reached into his bag of tricks and tossed a stick into the air.  When it reached its apex, the stick exploded and the flash blinded everyone around.  Raven was about to head away from town when he saw a ship docked.

It was the Fierta, he figured that Kritian girl used his ship to get him here.  He pulled out his mini crossbow and fired a dart at the anchor line.  Which it went clean through.  He ran as fast as he could and jumped on board.

“Permission to come aboard, Mr. Tskunio”  Raven dusted himself off as he stood.

“Permission granted Mr. Raven”  He bowed.

“If I’m said it a thousand times, I’m going to say it one more time, no mister, I’m just Raven”  Raven took the wheel.

Raven retrace his steps and, came across the same island.  He knew Kaufman would be pissed but, he hoped she had time to cool off by now.  He gasped as he saw an entellica had both Kaufman and Leblanc cornered.  He readied his line shot arrow.  He fired the arrow into a large rock on the island.  He gave it a quick tug to make sure it was secure.  He took his long bow put it across the top of line and slid over the line.  Three quarters across he took out his dagger and cut the line.   He somersaulted over the sand and went quickly to his feet.

“It’s about time you showed up, this is so going to raise my prices”  Kaufman crossed her arms and looked away for a moment.

“I love you too honey”  Raven said with a small laugh.

“We meet again, archer”  Gustoes clawed at him with his talons.

Gustoes the griffion entellica raised he big wings and, dived at Raven.  Raven had to roll out of the way.  He countered with arrow with hit one of Gustoes eagle like wings.  It didn’t even slow down the giant half eagle and half lion brute.  He reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a small ball.  He threw at Gustoes.  The Griffion tried to knock it back but as his beak made contact with the ball it broke and released a sticky glue.  Just then a large phoenix landed next to Gustoes.

“I told you to leave the archer alone, Gustoes, obey me”  Phaeroh ordered.

The two entellica both flew off.

“I found Zaude, and before you go off on me, I was trying to protect both”  Raven explained.

“I don’t like being left, but you did return and save our lives, which is good for business”  Kaufman smiled.

Raven Files chapter 9

Kaufman was freezing, she tried to reach for more blanket but, that when she realized she didn’t have a blanket anymore.  She awoke to find she was no longer on the ship and, that next to her was Leblanc that was noticeable snoring louder then a hurricane.

“Oh he’s dead, I can’t believe he left me here, and with that idiot as well!”  Kaufman yelled as she stood up.

Raven knew that his friends wouldn’t be happy that he left them on the island but, he also knew that from this moment on, everything would be even more dangerous.  Raven looked out over the water and saw a large ring peaking out of the water.  Fearing the ship would crash into the large object he attempted to turn away but, the ring’s large crystal on top fired a light at the ship.  The wheel locked up and the ship began to be pulled towards the ring.

“Zaude, it has to be”  He said.

As the ship got closer the pull began to lessen.  Raven was able to dock next to Zaude.  He spent a minute looking for an entrance.  He suddenly saw a small hole in the bottom of the ring.  He approached the hole and investigated.

“This wasn’t natural, someone blew up a part of the structure to get inside”  He said.

Seeing no other options, Raven stepped into the hole and gasped.  Zaude looked so much smaller outside.  It was a huge city on the inside.  Raven figured that it must been some gateway to another world.  He walkthrough noting the large pillars of ivory, and the golden statues of Entellica.  He noted Phaeroh, and Gustoes which he had past encounters with among other Entellica that he hadn’t seen before.   Raven also noticed though that a large ivory formation of the Moon had been destroyed.

As Raven entered the next room he saw a tall and slender man with a sickle.  He recognized him from their last encounter at Norcpolio Stadium.  He took his long weapon and swiped at an ivory moon, which fell and broke.

“Yeager!  So it was you that broke in, and you who dishonored this holy place”  Raven growled in anger.

“Aye, What is the little birdie going to do about it?”  Yeager laughed.

Raven fired a barrage of arrows but, Yeager knock all of which down with his sickle.  He then went on the offense charging Raven.  Raven pulled out from his bag of tricks a small ball.  He rolled it on the ground towards the running combatant.  The ball opened as it rolled and smaller marbles rolled Yeager’s way.  Which he slipped on.  Raven stood over him as he laid on the ground however; not to be outdone Yeager swept Raven’s legs out with his sickle.

He rose and lifted his huge reaper over his head, and drove it down towards Raven.  Raven fired an arrow up at his chest as well and the two warriors got each others weapons into the chest.  Raven and Yeager laid on the floor sensing the end  maybe near for both.  Raven sees a figure in corner of his eye as he loses conscience.

Raven Files chapter 8

After looking over the map that the Kritian gave Raven, they cast off their new ship.  The Fietra was a step up from the Moneymaker they had before.  It had eight canon, and two sets of large sails that made the large ship just as fast if not faster then the small ship.  In the distance, Raven noticed a tower and much to his confusion Kaufman seemed to be sending their new ship right for it.

“Kaufman!  Veer left now we’re going to hit that tower!”  Raven shouted.

Kaufman looked over the landscape and, shook her head.  She saw nothing there.  She figured that the sea was playing tricks on Raven.  But suddenly the ship slammed into something.

“What?  There’s nothing there what did we hit?”  Kaufman shocked and in disbelief.

Raven stood next to the edge of the deck and looked over the tower which no one else seem to see.  Then he remembered something written on the map.  “The path of Zaude will only be revealed to those who have the eyes of the moon”  He said to himself quietly.  He took the wheel from Kaufman and pulled it hard away from the tower.  The wood of the Fietra cracked and popped as the ship brushed across the huge structure.

“We’re taking in water”  Kaufman declared.

“We need to moor somewhere and repair the hull”  Raven replied.

Raven looked around and saw Norpolico was in the distance but, he knew that wasn’t an ideal spot for them there.  The moment they docked they would be arrested for false charge of murder.  The next closet port was several hours away but, there was no choice for them.  He ordered Leblanc that he and the crew lighten their load as much as possible.

“Silverware, treasure, clothes, even the rum throw it overboard now”  Raven screamed.

“Not the rum sir”  They cried.

“Would you rather die drunk or live sober men?”  Raven proclaimed.

Honestly some of them probably would had chose dying drunk but, they followed the order anyways.  Raven continued to sail the crippled ship, when he sees an island.

“Kaufman do you see that island?”  He pointed at it.

“No, are you feeling ok Raven?”  She asked.

He had not the time to explain how he could see things others couldn’t, only thing he knew was at the moment that island was their best chance.  He sailed to it but, as he approached its beach huge waves began to pick up the ship and the ship was thrown onto the island.  Much to all their amazement the ship wasn’t damaged to badly in the process.

“Still think I’m seeing things that ain’t there?”  Raven asked.

“How is that even possible?  Were those things invisible but, if that was the case how come you saw them?”  Kaufman asked.

Raven took out the map and showed her the note about only those with the eyes of the moon can see the path to Zaude.  All Children of the Full Moon had silver eyes but, this was the first time he ever noticed that his eyes were different then other people’s.  He assigned repair jobs to various members of the crew then he went down to his quarters.  He opened a chest of his most prized belongings.  A dragon’s tooth, a griffion’s feather, a phoenix’s ashes, and a long wood instrument.  The instrument was an antique from Earth.  He had self taught himself to play it.  He picked the instrument.  After feeling along the bottom of the chest he found the other part of the instrument he placed it into the proper place and began play it.

The sweet melody of the ancient instrument traveled throughout the ship and prompted Kaufman and Leblanc to check out what the sound was.  Leblanc was about to say something in the middle of the piece but Kaufman placed her hand over his mouth.  When the piece was completed Raven heard a small amount of hand clapping.

“Wow sir I didn’t know you played the Baboon” Leblanc said.

Kaufman and Raven both put their hands over the foreheads and wondered what was the schools teaching the kids today?

“A baboon is an extinct animal from Earth, if I remember my music history classes that’s the oboe” Kaufman explained.

“It is, I got this baby as a reward of saving a music teacher’s life against blood alliance, I find playing it relaxing, and I think you both agree this is a stressful time”  Raven declared.

“The repairs should be done in a day or two, how about we have concert I have an ancient instrument myself called the violin”  Kaufman suggested.

“What’s a violin?”  Leblanc asked.

Raven and Kaufman both laughed and sighed at the same time.

“You’re hopeless”  They said together.

Raven Files chapter 7

Crossing the Sands of Kogoth, the trio were wondering if they would be followed.  Raven spotted a town near the water on the edge of the desert.  He pointed it out and directed the party to head that way.

“Leblanc, take Kaufman to that town, Kaufman obtain a ship for our escape.  I have to do something alone”  Raven ordered.

“No, Raven, the last time you left us, one of Barbos’ killers almost did Leblanc and me in.  Which isn’t good for business”  Kaufman complained.

“Getting stuck without an exit plan is also bad for business, Kaufman”  Raven countered.

They agreed and Raven made his way to the mountain.  Raven had no clue what he might find up there but, knowing Phaeroh as he did, he knew it would be an adventure.  As he approached the mountain’s valley he noticed huge craters in the ground.

“Maker’s breathe, what could do such damage?”  Raven gasped.

Raven saw a path leading up the mountain.  He began his ascend.  Raven saw more craters along the way.  The earth was burned around the edge of the craters as if something very hot dug it out.  Halfway up the mountain Raven saw buildings.  He ducked down behind a boulder to observe.  He pulled the hood of his special cloak over his eyes which activated its power.  He embedded his body into the huge rock he was hiding behind.  Though he couldn’t see inside the rock, he could still hear.

“We have to put a stop to it Elder, we can’t control the Hermes”  A female declared.

“The Hermes blastia will give the Kritia respect on our once proud home, we were here first, those monkeys came to our planet!”  The elder riled up the crowd.

Raven stuck his head at the lie he just heard though.  The Kritia were not the natives of this planet either.  Though it was true they beat the humans there, the planet belonged to the Entellica who no one seem to ever consider them at all.

Raven phrase through the rock so he take a breathe.  A kritian saw him and sounded the award.  A huge gong was rang and, within moments Raven was surrounded.  The kritian looked like a cross of a human and an old earth animal called a rabbit.  They had long ears which for the males stood up in position while for females they hung down and flopped as they moved.  One of the Krittan, took a dagger and pressed it next to his face but just as it would cut Raven the elder stepped in.

“Stop!  Look at his eyes, he has the look of the moon, he’s a child of the full moon”  The elder declared.

The group let him go and the elder approached him.  The elder stared into Raven’s silver eyes, which was the tell tale sign of Raven’s condition.

“I guessing you’re here Child of the Full Moon because you looking for your people’s haven city of Zaude, the Kritian built Zaude for your kind many generations ago”  Elder explained.

“I am looking for Zaude, that is true Elder”  Raven bowed in respect.

The Elder walked off and entered a small house.  Raven tried to follow him but the others prevented him.  Raven thought about what he just heard about while he waited.  He looked around and he saw in the distance towards the peak a huge cannon.

“Is that the Hermes?”  He asked.

No one said anything in response.  He knew the silence confirmed his question though.  He took out a small looking glass out of his bag.  He zoomed in on the cannon, that’s when he noticed it was moving by itself.  As if it had a life of its own.

“It’s a curse”  The female that pleaded earlier said.

“No, its what going to get the humans to give us our respect”  The Elder walked back with a parcel.

“A weapon that aims and fires itself, it only gives you respect if you can control it, and judging by the craters I saw, I say you can’t”  Raven declared.

The Elder threw the paper at Raven.  Raven unrolled it and looked at a map.

“Take your map to Zaude and leave, I will not allow you to go any further up Temza”  Elder ordered.

Raven had gotten the information he needed but, he didn’t like the idea of leaving that cannon in operation.  However Raven didn’t see a way he could do much more right now.  He headed back down the mountain.  Much to his surprise the female Kritian was following him down.

“Are you going to stay that far behind or do you want to get close enough to speak to me?”  Raven turned around .

“You understand the curse don’t you?  I can’t get anyone to listen to me”  The girl said.

“I understand but they won’t listen to me either, a weapon that is out of control serves no one any good”  Raven proclaimed.

“Then at least take me with you, I can’t do any good around here”  She answered/

“No, I am on a dangerous journey, people are trying to kill me and my friends, I don’t need another charge under my protection, return to your people and continue to try to end the Hermes”  Raven ordered.

Raven continued down the mountain as she headed back up to the tribe.  He continued back to the town that he told Kaufman and Leblanc to wait at.  He smiled when he saw that Kaufman outdid her.  The ship she stood next to was huge.

“It’s a man of war. It’s called Fietra,”  She told him.

“Kaufman have you gotten us supplies as well?”  He asked.

“Yep, we’re fully stocked and we have plenty of supply for the demand we will have later”  She smiled.

“Well we also have a path”  Raven held out the map.

Raven Files chapter 6

When the trio arrived to the oasis town Mantiac which was the last stop before entering the desert.  Raven had much on his mind.  On one hand, he was blamed for a crime he didn’t commit and, as word spreads towns would become a danger for him.  On the other hand, he hadn’t told his party why he was really going to the Sands of Kogoth?

Three months ago

Raven was in Daghgrest on assignment for Alstok.  Raven’s mission was to protect one of the Soul Smiths masters.  Ambrose had promised if Raven was successful that he would be awarded with a cache of goodies which included custom arrows, hand bombs, and a cloak that allowed Raven to pass through walls.  Raven sighed as it seemed to be a boring night.  No attempts on his charge’s life and, didn’t look like any of them was going to happen either.

However suddenly a large red bird appeared.  The tips of its wings spat out fireballs as it flapped them.  The large bird stared at Raven for awhile.  It’s eyes if you call them eyes that is were fireballs that glowed with such bright light.

“The insipid poison of this world must be purged”  The bird spoke.

The voice confirmed what Raven was already thinking.  This was an Entellica, and judging by his appearance it was the most powerful of them all.  The legendary phoenix Entellica who the others of the race all bowed down to Phaeroh.  As the two stared each other down wondering what the other would do.  Ambrose panicked.  His screaming and his running away angered the monstrous bird.  Phaeroh picked him up with his talon.

“Phaeroh!  Put him down!  You want to purge this world, start with me!”  Raven shouted.

Phaeroh dropped Ambrose and, swung around and grabbed Raven by his beak.  Flew next to the edge of the bridge and left out.  Raven dropped down, and was able to grab a hold of the ledge with one hand.  As he was pulling him up he could feel Phaeroh’s hot breathe over his shoulder.

“Archer, you made an enemy of me today, I can smell the difference of you however; come visit me in Sands of Kogoth, Moon Child”  Phaeroh ordered and flew off.

Raven looked over to Ambrose and, saw he was ok.  He smiled at his charge.

“You better make this worth it, weapon smith”  Raven laughed.


He indeed made it worth it.  Raven had used many of the arms that were presented to him since.  Smoke bombs, flash bombs, flash arrows, sleeping agent arrows, just to name a few of his bag of tricks he now had thanks to Ambrose.  Raven had Kaufman and Leblanc check into the inn.  Raven told them that he would come by later when less people might notice a wanted man.

“Sorry, but I have to do this one alone”  He said quietly.

He walked into the arid desert.  Raven knew walking endlessly without a path would be certain death so he looked over the landscape and saw a large rocky formation.  Tall enough for a large bird to use he thought.  Raven headed towards it hoping he was right and that was where the firebird lived.

“Idiot!  He left us!  Doesn’t he know if he dies out there I won’t even break even on this whole journey!”  Kaufman grunted.

“Is everything business for you?”  Leblanc asked.

“I’m a business woman after all, so yes I focus on making a profit like any good merchant would”  Kaufman said.

After two hours of walking Raven was next to the rocky crag.  It was even taller up close.  It had to be at least a mile high he thought.  There was no way he could climb the structure.  He took a deep breath and prepared to shout as loud as he could.

“Phaeroh!  If you’re here!  It’s Raven the Great!  Show yourself Entellica!”  He shouted.

High above Raven saw a head lift up.  Then the large bird took off and it landed next to him.  The ground was burned where Phaeroh stood now.

“What did you mean by insipid poison?”  He asked/

“Humans are using a technology called blastia, that is harmful to the planet, the effect on the planet can only be called a poison, Child of the Full Moon”  Phaeroh explained.

“Why are sending your tribe after me?  I’m not human as you just pointed out”  Raven demanded.

“My brothers and sisters are more aggressive then I, I promise you from now on if any of them attack you they will answer to me about it”  Phaeroh declared.

“Last thing I need from you Phaeroh, do you know of Zaude?”  Raven asked.

“Ah you want to joined with the other children of the full moon, your race’s city is hidden, but can be found if you go to Mount Temza you will find your way, however Child of the Full Moon, you might want to get your companions beforehand.”  Phaeroh took off and head back to the top of the crag.

Raven ran back to town.  His jaw dropped as he saw the small village was burning.  He ran to the inn, and without hesitating he jumped into the burning inferno.

“Kaufman!  Leblanc!”  Raven coughed.

He saw in the corner of his eye the Kaufman’s red hair and, ran next to her.  She was burned.  He took off his jacket and patted her down.  He looked around to make sure no one was watching.  He put his hand over the burns and she began to light up.  The burns faded and, he drug her out.  He was still worried about Leblanc but didn’t see him at all.  After he gotten her to safety he thought he could take a break but, suddenly he found a dagger at his throat.

“I don’t like losing archer!  I knew if I endangered your friends you would drop your defenses”  Zagi hissed.

“Drop it assassin”  Leblanc jabbed his sword into Zagi’s back.

Raven took out some rope and in a few moments he and Leblanc had the killer tied up.  Leblanc wrote a note telling the authorities what Zagi had done.  The trio filled their canteens and headed into the desert.

Raven Files chapter 5

Leblanc and Kaufman helped Raven walk out the arena but as they reached the locker room there was a stocky guy waiting for them.  Raven recognized the man right away.  He was one of the Don’s top aides.  Raven figured he had heard that the Blood Alliance had control of the stadium and was here to set things right.

“Natz, thank the Maker you are here, do you know what I just went through?”  Raven asked.

“I do, better then you even know, murderer”  Natz said.

Raven eyes got really big at the accusation.  Raven was many things but a killer wasn’t one of them.  He was about to retort the comment when Kaufman beat him to it.

“Raven is no killer!  Where’s your proof fat-man and what’s more who are you saying he killed!”  Kaufman yelled.

“Ah you must be Kaufman, All our reports about that big mouth on the little lady was right I guess.  As for my proof, I have it right here, and who he killed was Don Whitehorse”  Natz held up an bloody arrow.

At first glance it wasn’t proof at all.  There were many archers in the world, but then Raven saw the damaging part for him.  His arrows had a special signature on them.  A small raven logo on the arrow head which was designed by Ambrose the master weapon maker from the Soul Smiths.

“The Don is dead?  It had to be Barbos he must had stole one of my arrows, Natz, you know me I wouldn’t kill Whitehorse, he was like a father to me!”  Raven yelled.

Natz grinned and leaned over next to his ears.

“Actually it wasn’t Barbos, that set you up, it was me”  Natz started laughing.

Raven reached into his bag and pulled a black ball.  He gave Kaufman and Leblanc quick glances as he threw it up.  Smoke engulfed the room and, by the time the smoke the trio were gone.  Now wanted for crime he didn’t commit Raven knew they needed to get out of town.  They made their way across the plains and on their way to the mountain pass.

The Wesands of Cados was the dividing line from the green to the sandy desert on the Desier region.  The pass was known for a haven for the Entellica and people avoided it for the most part.  Kaufman used the time they had to treat Raven’s cuts.

“We really need a healer on this trip, I know it would cut into my profits but, I would be willing to hire one when we get the chance.”  Kaufman explained.

“We don’t need a healer, we got something better, a Child of the Full Moon”  Raven declared.

“A what?”  Leblanc looked puzzled.

In every generation of Vesperia, a few possessed special abilities that was connected to the moon.  Raven left the cavern for a few moments.  He stood in the moonlight and the cuts from his recent battle began to close until they no longer were there at all.

“When were you going to tell us that you were a god?”  Kaufman asked.

“I’m not a god, I’m one of the Children of Full Moon, and it’s best we keep this to ourselves, some people think my kind are demonic”  Raven explained.

Raven led them through the cold and damp caverns.  He kept his eyes alert for any monsters but, it was peaceful.  He thought a little too peaceful really.  As they approached a strange greenish tint spring, Leblanc decided to take a drink but, Raven grabs his hand.

“No!  That’s not water, its Apaetha”  Raven pulled the young man away.

“Apaetha?”  Leblanc looked puzzled.

“An element that possesses great amounts of energy, but it also very toxic for us humans”  Kaufman explained.

Raven saw a several of rocks that were piled up near the spring.  He took out an arrow and fired it at one of the smaller rocks.  The pile fell into the spring forming a rock bridge.

“Let’s go”  Raven ordered.

Raven continued to lead them up to the exit of the pass.  Suddenly, a large dragon landed next to them.  It stared down Raven and sent a blaze of fire his way.

“Your days are numbered, archer, I, Chroma of the Entellica will kill you now”  The dragon banged its tail on the ground.

“Sorry, I don’t feel like dying today, Chroma, and I have business elsewhere with your leader Phaeroh anyways”  Raven raised his bow.

Chroma sent a huge flame his way.  He rolled away and then fired his arrow.  Chroma only burned the arrow with her fire before it reached her body.  Raven took another out and fired it.  She burned it again but, this time there was a surprise.  The arrow became black tar and hit her in the eyes.

“We’ll be leaving down Entellica”  Raven told her as she struggled pulling the tar away from her face.

“They really don’t like you, Sir Raven, that’s the third one you have fought, why don’t you slay them?”  Leblanc ask.

“One, don’t call me Sir.  And two, because they are important for the planet’s health, The Entellica protect Vesperia from dangers”  Raven explained.

Raven Files chapter 4

Norcpolio was Vesperia’s third largest city and the largest of the Desier continent.  The city’s most notable feature was the stadium.  It held well over three hundred thousand crazed people that loved their games.  Battles of warriors of many styles and from many walks of life.  Raven hated them.  He believed only to fight to protect yourself, your family, or your friends.  Fighting for someone’s perverse pleasure of it sicken him.  Raven entered the ante-theater.  He was going to make with his client and report on his progress.  But as he tried to head up the stairs to Don Whitehorse’s office.  Two large thugs grabbed him.

“Let go of me.  I am an officer of Alstok, and I must report in to my the Don!”  Raven shouted.

Instead of letting him go though one of the thugs took his club and smashed it over Raven’s head.  At that time Kaufman had caught up.

“What are you two idiots doing?  This is Raven the Great, Don Whitehorse’s top agent”  Kaufman declared.

The club swung again and smacked Kaufman across the jaw.  She flew backward and hit the wall.

“Take the man to the Game Master, the young lady take her to my bed”  A man on top of the stairs ordered.

Raven awaken few minutes later with a large one eye brute over him.  He recognized him right away.  Barbios the leader of the Blood Alliance.

“Well spy-boy you going to fight in the games today, or your young girlfriend will be in my bed tonight lad”  Barbios laughed as he knew Raven had no real choice.

“If you touch her, I swear I’ll kill you  bastard”  Raven said.

“Good you’re angry, you going to need that anger lad, I’ll make you a deal, you survive all three rounds the red head is yours”  Barbios laughed as he walked out.

Raven knew he couldn’t trust Barbios to keep that promise but, he couldn’t let that creep harm Kaufman either.  He thought about his reasons he would fight, and this definitely fell into his cases.  One he had to fight to stay alive, two he has to protect his friend, and finally he has to fight because if he doesn’t  his girlfriend will be raped.

He entered the large open arena and was greeted by a cascade of boos.  In the middle of the audience was a box for the elites.  In that box sat Barbios with Kaufman on his side, she kept looking away as she was very uncomfortable.  Raven scanned the crowd and noticed Leblanc on one far end,  He looked the young knight’s way and pointed at Barbios.  Leblanc silently nodded.

Raven approached the first opponent.  An announcer called out and the crowd roared.

“Today we have a special challenge!  One of the Alstok’s elite rangers, Raven the Great is being tested by three of the Blood Alliance’s finest!  Up first the spear of cruelty, master of hate, Yeager!”  The Announcer advertised.

“Idiot, that’s not a spear it’s a reaper”  Raven said quietly.

Raven didn’t have time to think about that though,  Yeager swung the blade around his neck and, Raven ducked at the last moment.  Yeager continued to make big powerful swings which Raven continue to avoid with his agility but, then Yeager surprised Raven with a low swing that nicked the archer’s shin.  Yeager prepared for a downward slam of the reaper into Raven’s chest but, it’s the opening he had been waiting for his Yeager’s defenses down, Raven fired a blinding shot into his face,  As the flash blinded Yeager, Raven prepared another arrow and, fired into Yeager’s arm.  Yeager pulled the arrow out but, then moments later he became dazed and fell over as the sleeping agent took effect.

Raven took a look over the crowd checking Leblanc’s progress to get to Kaufman.  He was still several yards away.  Raven knew he had to survive round two at least before Leblanc would reach her.  The next opponent walked up to Raven.

“Are you ready for round two!  I know I am!  Please welcome the dean of mean, and the true master archer!  Cumore!”  The Announcer advertised the next fight.

Raven slapped his forehead for a moment.

“That’s a crossbow, you idiot!”  He shouted/

Cumore fired several bolts at Raven and Raven tried to avoid them but, the second one nicked his rib cage but, then Cumore needed to reload and that was Raven’s opening and pulled back and aimed right for the crossbow’s barrel.  He shot his arrow into the barrel and disabled the weapon.  Cumore threw it down and ran towards him.  Raven dropped his bow and as Cumore got in close he grabbed him.  He spun Cumore around and grabbed his neck.  He squeezed till the man was out.

Raven looked over and saw that Leblanc was almost close enough but, he would have to continue his fight before the plan was in place.  The third man walked towards Raven.

“This is it folks, the main event!  Does Raven the somewhat good have enough in him!  Now entering the battle is a master of swords, the titan of terror!  Zagi!”  The Announcer riled up the crowd.

“This is got to be the dumbest announcer on the planet those are daggers not swords”  Raven sighed.

Zagi lunged at him and though normally Raven would easily had avoided he slashed across his chest.  Raven is pushes Zagi back and, the knife expert cuts into his quad.  His leg gave out due to this is the same one that Yeager injured earlier.  Zagi grabs Raven by his neck and raises a dagger to his throat.  Raven reaches into his bag and pulls out one his hand bombs.  He tosses above their heads and it explodes.  Zagi lets go of him as he looks away from the flash.  Raven picks up one of Zagi’s own daggers and plunges it into his gut.

Raven rolls away from him and fires another sleep arrow which hits Zagi in a matter of moments, his final challenge is taken down.

“Congratulations, spy-boy, your reward is you die now”  Barbios laughed.

“I think not you fiend”  Sir Leblanc said with his sword against Barbios’ small of back.

Barbios pushed him away and began to run away.  Leblanc could had ran after him but, instead he cut Kaufman free first, and by the time he looked back he was gone.

Kaufman ran down to the arena floor and wrapped her arms around Raven which grunted in pain/

“Not so hard, I hurt all over young lady”  Raven grunted.

Raven Files chapter 3

On board the Moneymaker, Raven smelt the salty sea air and, stared off into the waters.  Raven loved the sea.  He often wondered if he should joined the Sea Kings guild instead of Alstok.  Raven’s serene feelings were ended as he heard the sound puking.  Leblanc was very seasick and he was permanently next to a bucket to crap each round of his nausea.  Raven walked over the Kaufman who was next to the wheel.

“This is the fastest ship I’ve ever been on, Kaufman”  He said.

“Of course it is, that’s why its my Moneymaker, fast means profits”  Kaufman had a glee in her eyes.

“You talk about profits but, I know you have your principles too, you refuse to deal with the Blood Alliance if you only cared about money, you would take anyone’s”  Raven declared.

“Actually, I dealt with Barbos once.  The creep shorthanded me!  You and I both know he has money coming out his ears, and he can’t pay my full rates!  I lost revenues to that idiot!”  Raven could almost see steam coming off Kaufman from her outburst.

“Miss Kaufman there’s a ship ahoy”  the lookout shouted.

Kaufman grabbed the wheels and veered hard to try to avoid the mystery vessel.  She couldn’t understand why they were heading right for her ship but, she knew if they wanted to fight, she would prefer to run.  She got a good look at  ship and gasped as she realized it had no sails.  “How does it move without sails?”  She asked herself.

Raven reached into his bag and pulled out his looking glass.  He looked over the ship and, saw some of the crew.  He felt a chill up his spine as he saw pirates but, no ordinary pirates.  They were just skeletons in pirate garbs.

“That ship is demonic, the crew are dead things”  Raven said.

“Demonic?  Could that be the Arthim, the g..g..ghost ship”  Kaufman shook in fear.

“Kaufman!  Do we have weapons?”  Raven lightly slapped her back to her senses.

“That’s going to cost you extra, Raven, yeah I have two canons on either side of the ship”  Kaufman shook her head as she cleared her mind.

“Direct us so we can get to their bow, we will hit them from behind,  prove to me your ship is the fastest”  Raven ordered.

Kaufman veer hard and went into a circular movement hoping that the other ship will try to do the same.  The ship was much larger then the Moneymaker and it’s turn was much slower but, it did do as Kaufman hoped.  After completing the circle the Moneymaker was now behind the huge ship.

Raven ordered the canons to be fired.  Two canon balls soared through the air but, just as they were to make contact the ship vanished as if it was never there.  Raven didn’t feel like lingering around so he ran up to Kaufman and pointed towards the land nearby.  It was Desier.

There was a large structure coming to focus as they approached.
“What is that?”  Leblanc said weakly.

“Norpolico Stadium”  Raven and Kaufman answered together.

Raven Files Chapter 2

“So what now Sir Raven, where we going now?”  Leblanc asked

“We?  There’s no we, I can take you as far as Torim then you’re on your own kid”  Raven said.

Raven’s plans to get the bottom of the Blood Alliance had gone awry because of this young man.  Raven guessed Leblanc to be about eighteen in years.  He figured the empire must be getting desperate sending children into battle.  Raven knew this young man didn’t have the years of training or experience that Raven had received during his time with the knights.  It was a different era after all.  All new recruits were required to go through a two year training program before they could earn the title of a knight.  Raven approached the ruins of Caer Bocham and got an idea.

“Sir Leblanc, I heard that a princess is in trouble in there, imagine the glory you will receive if you rescue her,”  Raven told him.

“Ah Let’s go!”  He shouted in glee.

“No, for you to get the glory, I, Raven the Great can’t be with you, if I’m with you this add to the many feats, I’ve done, this is for you only”  Raven instructed.

Leblanc sighed for a moment.  He didn’t want to leave Raven but, he knew Raven was probably right for that he was a legendary ranger and, Leblanc was an upstart knight.

“Very well, I, Sir Leblanc will save the fair maiden”  Leblanc ran into the ruins.

“Sorry, kid but I can’t take you to Kaufman’s”  Raven said quietly.

Raven continued his way up to Torim Harbor.  Torim was the second largest sea city in Vesperia.  Venders were all lined up on the main streets but, Raven was going to a special vender, that wasn’t as public.  At the edge of town there was an old mansion, the wood was rotting, some of the windows were bar up, and there was a sign stating “go away”.  Raven knocked on the door anyways though.  A slit opened and two green eyes peered through.

“Password”  A female voice said.

“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business” Raven said.

The door opened and the green eyes were paired with a young redhead woman.  She grabbed Raven’s hand and pulled him inside and shut the door behind just as fast.  Kaufman led him to her supplies which were amazing.  Crates were flying across conveyor belts, while a set a metal hands pick up other crates and stored them on shelves.  Raven had seen Kaufman’s setup before but, it always still lower his jaw.

“You been busy, Kaufman”  Raven said.

“I’m always busy, busy means profit”  Kaufman smiled.

“Well perhaps, I can help you get some more profits, I need a bow found, it’s quite rare but, I’ll pay you well if you can it for me”  Raven held up a big bag of gold coins.

“What bow would that be?”  Kaufman asked with a glee as she saw the money bag.

“Dein Nomos”  Raven answered.

Kaufman began to cough  as she heard the request.  Dein Nomos the legendary bow used by the last emperor that was lost at the battle of Assam.  Her keen mind though realized right away why her friend wanted it though.

“You believe in the legend don’t you, you want to find the city of Zaude”  Kaufman pointed out.

“Are you up to the challenge or not?  And by the time being I need a boat, and small crew so I can go to the Sands of Kogoth”  Raven proclaimed.

“I’m up to it, remember I’m Kaufman, and at Kaufman’s if you  can buy it, I will sell it”  She recited her slogan.

“However, if you want a boat, Raven you have to take me with you as well, the crew will only follow my orders”  Kaufman continued.

Raven threw the bag of gold into her hands and, began to walk away.

“I’m going to check into the inn, we’ll leave tomorrow morning if that’s not too early for you Kaufman?”  Raven said.

“That’s fine”  She answered.

As Raven left Kaufman’s a man was running in terror.  He tripped the man, to stop him.

“Hey what’s the matter with you, get a grip”  Raven ordered.

“Large mo-nnster at Caer Bocham, a knight got captured by it”  The man said.

Raven sighed.  That wasn’t his idea when he sent Leblanc there to get rid of him.  He told the man to give a message to the woman in the house behind him that he maybe late for their cast off tomorrow, and to not leave without him.  He rushed towards Caer Bocham.

Caer Bocham was once a modest town.  It was supposed to be the rest stop between the harbor and Daghgrest but, a huge earthquake torn the city apart years ago.  Huge cracks were scattered through the once proud town.  It didn’t take long for Raven to see the large creature that the man told him of.  His heart sank as he recognized it as an one of the Entellica and knew it wasn’t one of the friendly ones.

“Gustoes!  Let that kid go, he’s not a challenge to you!  Come fight me the great Raven, the one who once defeated your leader Phaeroh!”  Raven yelled.

Gustoes was a griffon type Entellica.  He dropped Leblanc’s limp body from his talon and flew over to Raven who was standing with an arrow pulled back to be fired.  As Gustoes landed next to Raven he reared back fiercely and Raven fired his arrow hitting the neck of the great creature.  His arrow however bounced off Gustoes.

“You die now archer”  Gustoes grabbed Raven by one his talons.

Raven reached into his bag of tricks and, pulled out a small ball.  He threw it at the head of Gustoes and, as he hoped Gustoes ate the ball.  Gustoes slammed him down and lower his other talon ready to claw his face but, just then smoke came out of Gustoes mouth.  He released Raven as he began coughing.  Raven rolled away and prepared one of his exploding arrows for next round.  He fired it into the face of the monster.  It blinded the brute.  He grabbed Leblanc and they began to run away.  They made their way back to Torim Harbor.  Where they met Kaufman.

“Another passenger, Raven?”  Kaufman asked.

“Yeah, and before you ask, here some more for your profits”  He handed another bag of gold.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raven Files Chapter 1

Raven entered Daghgrest the home of the guilds.  Most of the guilds were good and useful.  Raven belonged to the Ranger guild Alstok, who provide observation and espionage services.  “For a fee of course” He added  to himself.  Other guilds included the Hunting Blades, the Soul Smiths, and Fortunate’s Market, each of which provided their service to the public.  However there was one guild that wasn’t on the up and up.  The Blood Alliance were a terrible lot that included assassins, thieves, and other thugs.  Blood Alliance had their own tavern in the town called the Crimson Tears.  Raven knew that he couldn’t just waltzed into the tavern as he was.  He slipped into the the local inn and unzipped his travel bag.

He pulled out a cloak.  This was no ordinary cloak at all.  The Soul Smith master Ambrose had it made especially for Raven.  The cloak was endowed with a special property that allowed Raven to walk through objects.  A gift for saving his life two years prior from the Entellica Phaeroh.  The Entellica were large creatures that spoke the common tongue despite their monstrous appearance.  Some were reasonable, some were fierce but, there was Phaeroh who was a bit of both.  Plus Phaeroh was one of the most powerful members of his kind.  A large phoenix type Entellica who bright red and orange feathers were both a beauty and fearful sight.  A powerful creature that Raven hoped he never had to face again if possible.

With his cloak on he left and walked towards the tavern.  The tavern had no guards at the door which Raven knew was unusual.  Instead of walking through one of the side walls like he planned he entered through the door like a normal person would.

The tavern was filled with the lowest of the low.  A group of assassins were making bets on how many marks they could take in next week, while another group were planning a big heist for jewels, and some were just getting themselves drunk.  Raven slowly and discreetly made his way to a back table where he could observe without much detention.  A waitress came to offer him a drink but he declined.  She gave him a nasty look but, as he silently said to himself “I don’t drink while I’m working”  Suddenly, a backdoor was flown open and a young man in shining armor was thrown through it.

“We ‘ve caught ourselves a knight laddies”  A big brute said as he walked through the door.

His name was Barbos, the leader of the Blood Alliance.  He was a nasty blot that had cause Alstok many problems over the years.  Raven knew his mission had shifted.  He had to find a way to rescue this young knight.  Raven stood from his chair and walked up towards Barbos.

“Please Master Barbos, allow me the honor to take care of this trash”  Raven said with a half bow of respect.

“I like members that take initiate, very well hooded one, kill the runt right now”  Barbos ordered.

“Oh Master Barbos, but wouldn’t it be better to do it outside so we don’t dirty the floor with his blood”  Raven answered,

“Nah, we dropped tons of blood on the floor before and if you were of the Alliance you would known that, lads we have a spy as well”  Barbos alerted the others.

Now with the ruse Raven tried obviously failing he drew his bow and aimed an arrow towards one of the windows.  A rope was attached to this arrow and when he fired it a zip line was created.  He grabbed the young man.  He was pulled forward towards the window,  The knight’s eyes got as big as saucers as he believed they were going to crash into the window but, because of Raven’s special cloak they passed through the glass.

Outside the tavern Raven prepared two more arrows for the next step of his escape.  As the thugs came out after him he fired an arrow that exploded just in front of the door and blinded anyone around.  He grabbed the young knight and ran towards the exit of the town.  As he approached the bridge he fired the other arrow he pulled out.  This one sent a net that captured two of the Alliance that were giving pursuit.  Once out of Daghgrest, he finally had the opportunity to talk to his new charge.

“You made my life a lot more complex mister knight”  Raven said.

“I’m sorry Sir, umm I didn’t catch your name”  The knight answered.

“I didn’t throw it and neither did you throw yours, mister knight”  Raven replied.

“Oh right, I’m Sir Leblanc, what is your name kind sir”  Leblanc asked.

“I’m Raven”  He answered.

“Oh thank you Sir Raven”  Leblanc replied

“No sir, just Raven”  He demanded.

“Sorry, Just Raven, sir”  Leblanc said.

Raven sighed.  He wondered if all the knights were as thickheaded as this one?

Raven Files Prologue

Commander Sodia was sitting at her desk.  Her weary green eyes blinked as she tried to stay away as she continued to write our report on Brave Vesperia’s involvement with Duke.  She still harbored ill feelings towards Yuri Lowell despite he and his team had saved the planet.  The idea that she owned her life to a criminal made her skin crawled.  She sighed as relunitcally had to agree with her Commanding Officer Flynn Scifo’s recommendation that all the charges on Yuri Lowel and the rest of Brave Vesperia were false and must be dropped.  Suddenly there was a knock at her door.  Before she could answer it, the door swung open.

It was a smallish guy with a bad cowlick in his brown hair that ran inside her office.  He jumped around as he inconherietly addressed her.  Without the proper respect of her rank as she took note and she cut him off to get a more official response by her aide.

“Witcher!  Calm down and address me properly this instant!” She ordered.

“Oh I’m sorry Commander, but you have to see it.  It’s incredible they date back before the great war”  Witcher answered.

“What does?”  She asked.

Witcher grabbed her arm and began to run off with her.  He led her down towards the dungeron of the headquarters of Hellilord.  That when Sodia noticed the hole in the wall.  She pulled away from him and crossed her arms.

“Witcher what happened to that cell wall”  She demanded.

“The recent quake broke it, inside the wall is where we found these”  Witcher handed her a box of documents.

She took a look at one them.

Location Mount Temza
Assignment recon on the Kritia

The Krita have designed a new blastia terminology it could be a turning point in the war.  If these weapons are used against the empire.  I request permission to destory these blastia.
Raven the Great

“Witcher! Do you know what you’ve found?”  She said with a glee in her eye.

“No, that’s why I got you”  He said.

“The Raven Files”  She answered.