Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 7

Crossing the Sands of Kogoth, the trio were wondering if they would be followed.  Raven spotted a town near the water on the edge of the desert.  He pointed it out and directed the party to head that way.

“Leblanc, take Kaufman to that town, Kaufman obtain a ship for our escape.  I have to do something alone”  Raven ordered.

“No, Raven, the last time you left us, one of Barbos’ killers almost did Leblanc and me in.  Which isn’t good for business”  Kaufman complained.

“Getting stuck without an exit plan is also bad for business, Kaufman”  Raven countered.

They agreed and Raven made his way to the mountain.  Raven had no clue what he might find up there but, knowing Phaeroh as he did, he knew it would be an adventure.  As he approached the mountain’s valley he noticed huge craters in the ground.

“Maker’s breathe, what could do such damage?”  Raven gasped.

Raven saw a path leading up the mountain.  He began his ascend.  Raven saw more craters along the way.  The earth was burned around the edge of the craters as if something very hot dug it out.  Halfway up the mountain Raven saw buildings.  He ducked down behind a boulder to observe.  He pulled the hood of his special cloak over his eyes which activated its power.  He embedded his body into the huge rock he was hiding behind.  Though he couldn’t see inside the rock, he could still hear.

“We have to put a stop to it Elder, we can’t control the Hermes”  A female declared.

“The Hermes blastia will give the Kritia respect on our once proud home, we were here first, those monkeys came to our planet!”  The elder riled up the crowd.

Raven stuck his head at the lie he just heard though.  The Kritia were not the natives of this planet either.  Though it was true they beat the humans there, the planet belonged to the Entellica who no one seem to ever consider them at all.

Raven phrase through the rock so he take a breathe.  A kritian saw him and sounded the award.  A huge gong was rang and, within moments Raven was surrounded.  The kritian looked like a cross of a human and an old earth animal called a rabbit.  They had long ears which for the males stood up in position while for females they hung down and flopped as they moved.  One of the Krittan, took a dagger and pressed it next to his face but just as it would cut Raven the elder stepped in.

“Stop!  Look at his eyes, he has the look of the moon, he’s a child of the full moon”  The elder declared.

The group let him go and the elder approached him.  The elder stared into Raven’s silver eyes, which was the tell tale sign of Raven’s condition.

“I guessing you’re here Child of the Full Moon because you looking for your people’s haven city of Zaude, the Kritian built Zaude for your kind many generations ago”  Elder explained.

“I am looking for Zaude, that is true Elder”  Raven bowed in respect.

The Elder walked off and entered a small house.  Raven tried to follow him but the others prevented him.  Raven thought about what he just heard about while he waited.  He looked around and he saw in the distance towards the peak a huge cannon.

“Is that the Hermes?”  He asked.

No one said anything in response.  He knew the silence confirmed his question though.  He took out a small looking glass out of his bag.  He zoomed in on the cannon, that’s when he noticed it was moving by itself.  As if it had a life of its own.

“It’s a curse”  The female that pleaded earlier said.

“No, its what going to get the humans to give us our respect”  The Elder walked back with a parcel.

“A weapon that aims and fires itself, it only gives you respect if you can control it, and judging by the craters I saw, I say you can’t”  Raven declared.

The Elder threw the paper at Raven.  Raven unrolled it and looked at a map.

“Take your map to Zaude and leave, I will not allow you to go any further up Temza”  Elder ordered.

Raven had gotten the information he needed but, he didn’t like the idea of leaving that cannon in operation.  However Raven didn’t see a way he could do much more right now.  He headed back down the mountain.  Much to his surprise the female Kritian was following him down.

“Are you going to stay that far behind or do you want to get close enough to speak to me?”  Raven turned around .

“You understand the curse don’t you?  I can’t get anyone to listen to me”  The girl said.

“I understand but they won’t listen to me either, a weapon that is out of control serves no one any good”  Raven proclaimed.

“Then at least take me with you, I can’t do any good around here”  She answered/

“No, I am on a dangerous journey, people are trying to kill me and my friends, I don’t need another charge under my protection, return to your people and continue to try to end the Hermes”  Raven ordered.

Raven continued down the mountain as she headed back up to the tribe.  He continued back to the town that he told Kaufman and Leblanc to wait at.  He smiled when he saw that Kaufman outdid her.  The ship she stood next to was huge.

“It’s a man of war. It’s called Fietra,”  She told him.

“Kaufman have you gotten us supplies as well?”  He asked.

“Yep, we’re fully stocked and we have plenty of supply for the demand we will have later”  She smiled.

“Well we also have a path”  Raven held out the map.

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