Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 9

Kaufman was freezing, she tried to reach for more blanket but, that when she realized she didn’t have a blanket anymore.  She awoke to find she was no longer on the ship and, that next to her was Leblanc that was noticeable snoring louder then a hurricane.

“Oh he’s dead, I can’t believe he left me here, and with that idiot as well!”  Kaufman yelled as she stood up.

Raven knew that his friends wouldn’t be happy that he left them on the island but, he also knew that from this moment on, everything would be even more dangerous.  Raven looked out over the water and saw a large ring peaking out of the water.  Fearing the ship would crash into the large object he attempted to turn away but, the ring’s large crystal on top fired a light at the ship.  The wheel locked up and the ship began to be pulled towards the ring.

“Zaude, it has to be”  He said.

As the ship got closer the pull began to lessen.  Raven was able to dock next to Zaude.  He spent a minute looking for an entrance.  He suddenly saw a small hole in the bottom of the ring.  He approached the hole and investigated.

“This wasn’t natural, someone blew up a part of the structure to get inside”  He said.

Seeing no other options, Raven stepped into the hole and gasped.  Zaude looked so much smaller outside.  It was a huge city on the inside.  Raven figured that it must been some gateway to another world.  He walkthrough noting the large pillars of ivory, and the golden statues of Entellica.  He noted Phaeroh, and Gustoes which he had past encounters with among other Entellica that he hadn’t seen before.   Raven also noticed though that a large ivory formation of the Moon had been destroyed.

As Raven entered the next room he saw a tall and slender man with a sickle.  He recognized him from their last encounter at Norcpolio Stadium.  He took his long weapon and swiped at an ivory moon, which fell and broke.

“Yeager!  So it was you that broke in, and you who dishonored this holy place”  Raven growled in anger.

“Aye, What is the little birdie going to do about it?”  Yeager laughed.

Raven fired a barrage of arrows but, Yeager knock all of which down with his sickle.  He then went on the offense charging Raven.  Raven pulled out from his bag of tricks a small ball.  He rolled it on the ground towards the running combatant.  The ball opened as it rolled and smaller marbles rolled Yeager’s way.  Which he slipped on.  Raven stood over him as he laid on the ground however; not to be outdone Yeager swept Raven’s legs out with his sickle.

He rose and lifted his huge reaper over his head, and drove it down towards Raven.  Raven fired an arrow up at his chest as well and the two warriors got each others weapons into the chest.  Raven and Yeager laid on the floor sensing the end  maybe near for both.  Raven sees a figure in corner of his eye as he loses conscience.

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