Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 5

Leblanc and Kaufman helped Raven walk out the arena but as they reached the locker room there was a stocky guy waiting for them.  Raven recognized the man right away.  He was one of the Don’s top aides.  Raven figured he had heard that the Blood Alliance had control of the stadium and was here to set things right.

“Natz, thank the Maker you are here, do you know what I just went through?”  Raven asked.

“I do, better then you even know, murderer”  Natz said.

Raven eyes got really big at the accusation.  Raven was many things but a killer wasn’t one of them.  He was about to retort the comment when Kaufman beat him to it.

“Raven is no killer!  Where’s your proof fat-man and what’s more who are you saying he killed!”  Kaufman yelled.

“Ah you must be Kaufman, All our reports about that big mouth on the little lady was right I guess.  As for my proof, I have it right here, and who he killed was Don Whitehorse”  Natz held up an bloody arrow.

At first glance it wasn’t proof at all.  There were many archers in the world, but then Raven saw the damaging part for him.  His arrows had a special signature on them.  A small raven logo on the arrow head which was designed by Ambrose the master weapon maker from the Soul Smiths.

“The Don is dead?  It had to be Barbos he must had stole one of my arrows, Natz, you know me I wouldn’t kill Whitehorse, he was like a father to me!”  Raven yelled.

Natz grinned and leaned over next to his ears.

“Actually it wasn’t Barbos, that set you up, it was me”  Natz started laughing.

Raven reached into his bag and pulled a black ball.  He gave Kaufman and Leblanc quick glances as he threw it up.  Smoke engulfed the room and, by the time the smoke the trio were gone.  Now wanted for crime he didn’t commit Raven knew they needed to get out of town.  They made their way across the plains and on their way to the mountain pass.

The Wesands of Cados was the dividing line from the green to the sandy desert on the Desier region.  The pass was known for a haven for the Entellica and people avoided it for the most part.  Kaufman used the time they had to treat Raven’s cuts.

“We really need a healer on this trip, I know it would cut into my profits but, I would be willing to hire one when we get the chance.”  Kaufman explained.

“We don’t need a healer, we got something better, a Child of the Full Moon”  Raven declared.

“A what?”  Leblanc looked puzzled.

In every generation of Vesperia, a few possessed special abilities that was connected to the moon.  Raven left the cavern for a few moments.  He stood in the moonlight and the cuts from his recent battle began to close until they no longer were there at all.

“When were you going to tell us that you were a god?”  Kaufman asked.

“I’m not a god, I’m one of the Children of Full Moon, and it’s best we keep this to ourselves, some people think my kind are demonic”  Raven explained.

Raven led them through the cold and damp caverns.  He kept his eyes alert for any monsters but, it was peaceful.  He thought a little too peaceful really.  As they approached a strange greenish tint spring, Leblanc decided to take a drink but, Raven grabs his hand.

“No!  That’s not water, its Apaetha”  Raven pulled the young man away.

“Apaetha?”  Leblanc looked puzzled.

“An element that possesses great amounts of energy, but it also very toxic for us humans”  Kaufman explained.

Raven saw a several of rocks that were piled up near the spring.  He took out an arrow and fired it at one of the smaller rocks.  The pile fell into the spring forming a rock bridge.

“Let’s go”  Raven ordered.

Raven continued to lead them up to the exit of the pass.  Suddenly, a large dragon landed next to them.  It stared down Raven and sent a blaze of fire his way.

“Your days are numbered, archer, I, Chroma of the Entellica will kill you now”  The dragon banged its tail on the ground.

“Sorry, I don’t feel like dying today, Chroma, and I have business elsewhere with your leader Phaeroh anyways”  Raven raised his bow.

Chroma sent a huge flame his way.  He rolled away and then fired his arrow.  Chroma only burned the arrow with her fire before it reached her body.  Raven took another out and fired it.  She burned it again but, this time there was a surprise.  The arrow became black tar and hit her in the eyes.

“We’ll be leaving down Entellica”  Raven told her as she struggled pulling the tar away from her face.

“They really don’t like you, Sir Raven, that’s the third one you have fought, why don’t you slay them?”  Leblanc ask.

“One, don’t call me Sir.  And two, because they are important for the planet’s health, The Entellica protect Vesperia from dangers”  Raven explained.

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