Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 3

On board the Moneymaker, Raven smelt the salty sea air and, stared off into the waters.  Raven loved the sea.  He often wondered if he should joined the Sea Kings guild instead of Alstok.  Raven’s serene feelings were ended as he heard the sound puking.  Leblanc was very seasick and he was permanently next to a bucket to crap each round of his nausea.  Raven walked over the Kaufman who was next to the wheel.

“This is the fastest ship I’ve ever been on, Kaufman”  He said.

“Of course it is, that’s why its my Moneymaker, fast means profits”  Kaufman had a glee in her eyes.

“You talk about profits but, I know you have your principles too, you refuse to deal with the Blood Alliance if you only cared about money, you would take anyone’s”  Raven declared.

“Actually, I dealt with Barbos once.  The creep shorthanded me!  You and I both know he has money coming out his ears, and he can’t pay my full rates!  I lost revenues to that idiot!”  Raven could almost see steam coming off Kaufman from her outburst.

“Miss Kaufman there’s a ship ahoy”  the lookout shouted.

Kaufman grabbed the wheels and veered hard to try to avoid the mystery vessel.  She couldn’t understand why they were heading right for her ship but, she knew if they wanted to fight, she would prefer to run.  She got a good look at  ship and gasped as she realized it had no sails.  “How does it move without sails?”  She asked herself.

Raven reached into his bag and pulled out his looking glass.  He looked over the ship and, saw some of the crew.  He felt a chill up his spine as he saw pirates but, no ordinary pirates.  They were just skeletons in pirate garbs.

“That ship is demonic, the crew are dead things”  Raven said.

“Demonic?  Could that be the Arthim, the g..g..ghost ship”  Kaufman shook in fear.

“Kaufman!  Do we have weapons?”  Raven lightly slapped her back to her senses.

“That’s going to cost you extra, Raven, yeah I have two canons on either side of the ship”  Kaufman shook her head as she cleared her mind.

“Direct us so we can get to their bow, we will hit them from behind,  prove to me your ship is the fastest”  Raven ordered.

Kaufman veer hard and went into a circular movement hoping that the other ship will try to do the same.  The ship was much larger then the Moneymaker and it’s turn was much slower but, it did do as Kaufman hoped.  After completing the circle the Moneymaker was now behind the huge ship.

Raven ordered the canons to be fired.  Two canon balls soared through the air but, just as they were to make contact the ship vanished as if it was never there.  Raven didn’t feel like lingering around so he ran up to Kaufman and pointed towards the land nearby.  It was Desier.

There was a large structure coming to focus as they approached.
“What is that?”  Leblanc said weakly.

“Norpolico Stadium”  Raven and Kaufman answered together.

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