Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 6

When the trio arrived to the oasis town Mantiac which was the last stop before entering the desert.  Raven had much on his mind.  On one hand, he was blamed for a crime he didn’t commit and, as word spreads towns would become a danger for him.  On the other hand, he hadn’t told his party why he was really going to the Sands of Kogoth?

Three months ago

Raven was in Daghgrest on assignment for Alstok.  Raven’s mission was to protect one of the Soul Smiths masters.  Ambrose had promised if Raven was successful that he would be awarded with a cache of goodies which included custom arrows, hand bombs, and a cloak that allowed Raven to pass through walls.  Raven sighed as it seemed to be a boring night.  No attempts on his charge’s life and, didn’t look like any of them was going to happen either.

However suddenly a large red bird appeared.  The tips of its wings spat out fireballs as it flapped them.  The large bird stared at Raven for awhile.  It’s eyes if you call them eyes that is were fireballs that glowed with such bright light.

“The insipid poison of this world must be purged”  The bird spoke.

The voice confirmed what Raven was already thinking.  This was an Entellica, and judging by his appearance it was the most powerful of them all.  The legendary phoenix Entellica who the others of the race all bowed down to Phaeroh.  As the two stared each other down wondering what the other would do.  Ambrose panicked.  His screaming and his running away angered the monstrous bird.  Phaeroh picked him up with his talon.

“Phaeroh!  Put him down!  You want to purge this world, start with me!”  Raven shouted.

Phaeroh dropped Ambrose and, swung around and grabbed Raven by his beak.  Flew next to the edge of the bridge and left out.  Raven dropped down, and was able to grab a hold of the ledge with one hand.  As he was pulling him up he could feel Phaeroh’s hot breathe over his shoulder.

“Archer, you made an enemy of me today, I can smell the difference of you however; come visit me in Sands of Kogoth, Moon Child”  Phaeroh ordered and flew off.

Raven looked over to Ambrose and, saw he was ok.  He smiled at his charge.

“You better make this worth it, weapon smith”  Raven laughed.


He indeed made it worth it.  Raven had used many of the arms that were presented to him since.  Smoke bombs, flash bombs, flash arrows, sleeping agent arrows, just to name a few of his bag of tricks he now had thanks to Ambrose.  Raven had Kaufman and Leblanc check into the inn.  Raven told them that he would come by later when less people might notice a wanted man.

“Sorry, but I have to do this one alone”  He said quietly.

He walked into the arid desert.  Raven knew walking endlessly without a path would be certain death so he looked over the landscape and saw a large rocky formation.  Tall enough for a large bird to use he thought.  Raven headed towards it hoping he was right and that was where the firebird lived.

“Idiot!  He left us!  Doesn’t he know if he dies out there I won’t even break even on this whole journey!”  Kaufman grunted.

“Is everything business for you?”  Leblanc asked.

“I’m a business woman after all, so yes I focus on making a profit like any good merchant would”  Kaufman said.

After two hours of walking Raven was next to the rocky crag.  It was even taller up close.  It had to be at least a mile high he thought.  There was no way he could climb the structure.  He took a deep breath and prepared to shout as loud as he could.

“Phaeroh!  If you’re here!  It’s Raven the Great!  Show yourself Entellica!”  He shouted.

High above Raven saw a head lift up.  Then the large bird took off and it landed next to him.  The ground was burned where Phaeroh stood now.

“What did you mean by insipid poison?”  He asked/

“Humans are using a technology called blastia, that is harmful to the planet, the effect on the planet can only be called a poison, Child of the Full Moon”  Phaeroh explained.

“Why are sending your tribe after me?  I’m not human as you just pointed out”  Raven demanded.

“My brothers and sisters are more aggressive then I, I promise you from now on if any of them attack you they will answer to me about it”  Phaeroh declared.

“Last thing I need from you Phaeroh, do you know of Zaude?”  Raven asked.

“Ah you want to joined with the other children of the full moon, your race’s city is hidden, but can be found if you go to Mount Temza you will find your way, however Child of the Full Moon, you might want to get your companions beforehand.”  Phaeroh took off and head back to the top of the crag.

Raven ran back to town.  His jaw dropped as he saw the small village was burning.  He ran to the inn, and without hesitating he jumped into the burning inferno.

“Kaufman!  Leblanc!”  Raven coughed.

He saw in the corner of his eye the Kaufman’s red hair and, ran next to her.  She was burned.  He took off his jacket and patted her down.  He looked around to make sure no one was watching.  He put his hand over the burns and she began to light up.  The burns faded and, he drug her out.  He was still worried about Leblanc but didn’t see him at all.  After he gotten her to safety he thought he could take a break but, suddenly he found a dagger at his throat.

“I don’t like losing archer!  I knew if I endangered your friends you would drop your defenses”  Zagi hissed.

“Drop it assassin”  Leblanc jabbed his sword into Zagi’s back.

Raven took out some rope and in a few moments he and Leblanc had the killer tied up.  Leblanc wrote a note telling the authorities what Zagi had done.  The trio filled their canteens and headed into the desert.

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