Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 10

Raven sat up and grabbed his chest.  The deep plunge of Yeager’s sickle was almost vanished.  Only an inch long scar in its place.  Raven looked around to see he had been moved while he was out.  He stood and gathered up his belongs.

“So you’re leaving without even a word”  A voice from behind.

Raven turned and saw a beautiful Kritian seeing in the doorway.  Her long ears nearly hit the floor and her blue eyes matched her dress.  Raven looked down at his hand where he worn his ring.

“If you were expecting, something intimate, I’m taken”  Raven raised his hand so she could see his vow.

“Oh I know, but your young wife is mad at you right now isn’t she?  You left her on that deserted island”  The female shook her finger and teased Raven.

Raven walked over to her and slightly pushed her to get by.  He wasn’t interested in endless drabble.  He had finally found Zaude and, because of Yeager and this bunny girl he was now not there.  He looked around and recognized Port Torim.  He slightly smiled and thought at least he knew where he was.

“Stop!  Murderer!”  The town guards shouted.

That’s when Raven remembered he had been framed for the murder of Don Whitehorse.  He reached into his bag of tricks and tossed a stick into the air.  When it reached its apex, the stick exploded and the flash blinded everyone around.  Raven was about to head away from town when he saw a ship docked.

It was the Fierta, he figured that Kritian girl used his ship to get him here.  He pulled out his mini crossbow and fired a dart at the anchor line.  Which it went clean through.  He ran as fast as he could and jumped on board.

“Permission to come aboard, Mr. Tskunio”  Raven dusted himself off as he stood.

“Permission granted Mr. Raven”  He bowed.

“If I’m said it a thousand times, I’m going to say it one more time, no mister, I’m just Raven”  Raven took the wheel.

Raven retrace his steps and, came across the same island.  He knew Kaufman would be pissed but, he hoped she had time to cool off by now.  He gasped as he saw an entellica had both Kaufman and Leblanc cornered.  He readied his line shot arrow.  He fired the arrow into a large rock on the island.  He gave it a quick tug to make sure it was secure.  He took his long bow put it across the top of line and slid over the line.  Three quarters across he took out his dagger and cut the line.   He somersaulted over the sand and went quickly to his feet.

“It’s about time you showed up, this is so going to raise my prices”  Kaufman crossed her arms and looked away for a moment.

“I love you too honey”  Raven said with a small laugh.

“We meet again, archer”  Gustoes clawed at him with his talons.

Gustoes the griffion entellica raised he big wings and, dived at Raven.  Raven had to roll out of the way.  He countered with arrow with hit one of Gustoes eagle like wings.  It didn’t even slow down the giant half eagle and half lion brute.  He reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a small ball.  He threw at Gustoes.  The Griffion tried to knock it back but as his beak made contact with the ball it broke and released a sticky glue.  Just then a large phoenix landed next to Gustoes.

“I told you to leave the archer alone, Gustoes, obey me”  Phaeroh ordered.

The two entellica both flew off.

“I found Zaude, and before you go off on me, I was trying to protect both”  Raven explained.

“I don’t like being left, but you did return and save our lives, which is good for business”  Kaufman smiled.

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