Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files Chapter 2

“So what now Sir Raven, where we going now?”  Leblanc asked

“We?  There’s no we, I can take you as far as Torim then you’re on your own kid”  Raven said.

Raven’s plans to get the bottom of the Blood Alliance had gone awry because of this young man.  Raven guessed Leblanc to be about eighteen in years.  He figured the empire must be getting desperate sending children into battle.  Raven knew this young man didn’t have the years of training or experience that Raven had received during his time with the knights.  It was a different era after all.  All new recruits were required to go through a two year training program before they could earn the title of a knight.  Raven approached the ruins of Caer Bocham and got an idea.

“Sir Leblanc, I heard that a princess is in trouble in there, imagine the glory you will receive if you rescue her,”  Raven told him.

“Ah Let’s go!”  He shouted in glee.

“No, for you to get the glory, I, Raven the Great can’t be with you, if I’m with you this add to the many feats, I’ve done, this is for you only”  Raven instructed.

Leblanc sighed for a moment.  He didn’t want to leave Raven but, he knew Raven was probably right for that he was a legendary ranger and, Leblanc was an upstart knight.

“Very well, I, Sir Leblanc will save the fair maiden”  Leblanc ran into the ruins.

“Sorry, kid but I can’t take you to Kaufman’s”  Raven said quietly.

Raven continued his way up to Torim Harbor.  Torim was the second largest sea city in Vesperia.  Venders were all lined up on the main streets but, Raven was going to a special vender, that wasn’t as public.  At the edge of town there was an old mansion, the wood was rotting, some of the windows were bar up, and there was a sign stating “go away”.  Raven knocked on the door anyways though.  A slit opened and two green eyes peered through.

“Password”  A female voice said.

“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business” Raven said.

The door opened and the green eyes were paired with a young redhead woman.  She grabbed Raven’s hand and pulled him inside and shut the door behind just as fast.  Kaufman led him to her supplies which were amazing.  Crates were flying across conveyor belts, while a set a metal hands pick up other crates and stored them on shelves.  Raven had seen Kaufman’s setup before but, it always still lower his jaw.

“You been busy, Kaufman”  Raven said.

“I’m always busy, busy means profit”  Kaufman smiled.

“Well perhaps, I can help you get some more profits, I need a bow found, it’s quite rare but, I’ll pay you well if you can it for me”  Raven held up a big bag of gold coins.

“What bow would that be?”  Kaufman asked with a glee as she saw the money bag.

“Dein Nomos”  Raven answered.

Kaufman began to cough  as she heard the request.  Dein Nomos the legendary bow used by the last emperor that was lost at the battle of Assam.  Her keen mind though realized right away why her friend wanted it though.

“You believe in the legend don’t you, you want to find the city of Zaude”  Kaufman pointed out.

“Are you up to the challenge or not?  And by the time being I need a boat, and small crew so I can go to the Sands of Kogoth”  Raven proclaimed.

“I’m up to it, remember I’m Kaufman, and at Kaufman’s if you  can buy it, I will sell it”  She recited her slogan.

“However, if you want a boat, Raven you have to take me with you as well, the crew will only follow my orders”  Kaufman continued.

Raven threw the bag of gold into her hands and, began to walk away.

“I’m going to check into the inn, we’ll leave tomorrow morning if that’s not too early for you Kaufman?”  Raven said.

“That’s fine”  She answered.

As Raven left Kaufman’s a man was running in terror.  He tripped the man, to stop him.

“Hey what’s the matter with you, get a grip”  Raven ordered.

“Large mo-nnster at Caer Bocham, a knight got captured by it”  The man said.

Raven sighed.  That wasn’t his idea when he sent Leblanc there to get rid of him.  He told the man to give a message to the woman in the house behind him that he maybe late for their cast off tomorrow, and to not leave without him.  He rushed towards Caer Bocham.

Caer Bocham was once a modest town.  It was supposed to be the rest stop between the harbor and Daghgrest but, a huge earthquake torn the city apart years ago.  Huge cracks were scattered through the once proud town.  It didn’t take long for Raven to see the large creature that the man told him of.  His heart sank as he recognized it as an one of the Entellica and knew it wasn’t one of the friendly ones.

“Gustoes!  Let that kid go, he’s not a challenge to you!  Come fight me the great Raven, the one who once defeated your leader Phaeroh!”  Raven yelled.

Gustoes was a griffon type Entellica.  He dropped Leblanc’s limp body from his talon and flew over to Raven who was standing with an arrow pulled back to be fired.  As Gustoes landed next to Raven he reared back fiercely and Raven fired his arrow hitting the neck of the great creature.  His arrow however bounced off Gustoes.

“You die now archer”  Gustoes grabbed Raven by one his talons.

Raven reached into his bag of tricks and, pulled out a small ball.  He threw it at the head of Gustoes and, as he hoped Gustoes ate the ball.  Gustoes slammed him down and lower his other talon ready to claw his face but, just then smoke came out of Gustoes mouth.  He released Raven as he began coughing.  Raven rolled away and prepared one of his exploding arrows for next round.  He fired it into the face of the monster.  It blinded the brute.  He grabbed Leblanc and they began to run away.  They made their way back to Torim Harbor.  Where they met Kaufman.

“Another passenger, Raven?”  Kaufman asked.

“Yeah, and before you ask, here some more for your profits”  He handed another bag of gold.

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