Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raven Files chapter 8

After looking over the map that the Kritian gave Raven, they cast off their new ship.  The Fietra was a step up from the Moneymaker they had before.  It had eight canon, and two sets of large sails that made the large ship just as fast if not faster then the small ship.  In the distance, Raven noticed a tower and much to his confusion Kaufman seemed to be sending their new ship right for it.

“Kaufman!  Veer left now we’re going to hit that tower!”  Raven shouted.

Kaufman looked over the landscape and, shook her head.  She saw nothing there.  She figured that the sea was playing tricks on Raven.  But suddenly the ship slammed into something.

“What?  There’s nothing there what did we hit?”  Kaufman shocked and in disbelief.

Raven stood next to the edge of the deck and looked over the tower which no one else seem to see.  Then he remembered something written on the map.  “The path of Zaude will only be revealed to those who have the eyes of the moon”  He said to himself quietly.  He took the wheel from Kaufman and pulled it hard away from the tower.  The wood of the Fietra cracked and popped as the ship brushed across the huge structure.

“We’re taking in water”  Kaufman declared.

“We need to moor somewhere and repair the hull”  Raven replied.

Raven looked around and saw Norpolico was in the distance but, he knew that wasn’t an ideal spot for them there.  The moment they docked they would be arrested for false charge of murder.  The next closet port was several hours away but, there was no choice for them.  He ordered Leblanc that he and the crew lighten their load as much as possible.

“Silverware, treasure, clothes, even the rum throw it overboard now”  Raven screamed.

“Not the rum sir”  They cried.

“Would you rather die drunk or live sober men?”  Raven proclaimed.

Honestly some of them probably would had chose dying drunk but, they followed the order anyways.  Raven continued to sail the crippled ship, when he sees an island.

“Kaufman do you see that island?”  He pointed at it.

“No, are you feeling ok Raven?”  She asked.

He had not the time to explain how he could see things others couldn’t, only thing he knew was at the moment that island was their best chance.  He sailed to it but, as he approached its beach huge waves began to pick up the ship and the ship was thrown onto the island.  Much to all their amazement the ship wasn’t damaged to badly in the process.

“Still think I’m seeing things that ain’t there?”  Raven asked.

“How is that even possible?  Were those things invisible but, if that was the case how come you saw them?”  Kaufman asked.

Raven took out the map and showed her the note about only those with the eyes of the moon can see the path to Zaude.  All Children of the Full Moon had silver eyes but, this was the first time he ever noticed that his eyes were different then other people’s.  He assigned repair jobs to various members of the crew then he went down to his quarters.  He opened a chest of his most prized belongings.  A dragon’s tooth, a griffion’s feather, a phoenix’s ashes, and a long wood instrument.  The instrument was an antique from Earth.  He had self taught himself to play it.  He picked the instrument.  After feeling along the bottom of the chest he found the other part of the instrument he placed it into the proper place and began play it.

The sweet melody of the ancient instrument traveled throughout the ship and prompted Kaufman and Leblanc to check out what the sound was.  Leblanc was about to say something in the middle of the piece but Kaufman placed her hand over his mouth.  When the piece was completed Raven heard a small amount of hand clapping.

“Wow sir I didn’t know you played the Baboon” Leblanc said.

Kaufman and Raven both put their hands over the foreheads and wondered what was the schools teaching the kids today?

“A baboon is an extinct animal from Earth, if I remember my music history classes that’s the oboe” Kaufman explained.

“It is, I got this baby as a reward of saving a music teacher’s life against blood alliance, I find playing it relaxing, and I think you both agree this is a stressful time”  Raven declared.

“The repairs should be done in a day or two, how about we have concert I have an ancient instrument myself called the violin”  Kaufman suggested.

“What’s a violin?”  Leblanc asked.

Raven and Kaufman both laughed and sighed at the same time.

“You’re hopeless”  They said together.

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