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Terror Dawn 7

Before I begin the ending of a project that I started in December of 2010, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that has given me advice and suggestions on  each part of this saga.  I also want to take Raven.  I know sounds weird I’m taking my main character LOL but, I was in a rut.  I couldn’t get pass the first line in the first paragraph for months prior to the Raven Files.  Raven the Great came to me and I didn’t know it then but, the ride the last of the Entellician has taken me on, has revived my writing and raise the level of talent I believe as well.  Without any further delay here’s the ending of the saga.  Hope you enjoy it.

Raven looked at the mighty archway of Zaude and, knew that the time had come.  He knew that all the training, the travels and adventures had led him to this point.  His memories flooded his system and he witnessed all of his greatest moments in an instant.

Raven saw the first day he met his former student Leblanc.

Raven was in the Manor of the Wicked uncovered.  His mission was to observe the Blood Alliance’s plans but, his plans had a curveball thrown into it when the Barbos brought out a young knight.  Raven acted quickly to save this young man using his grapple arrow and his cloak of phase to help them both escape.

“Boy, I didn’t think Leblanc would become the great commander he is now at that moment”   Raven proclaimed.

He then looked over to Yeager and, his mind flashed over the many details of twists, perils and battles the two have had both together and against each other.  He remembered when they first squared off at Norpolico Stadium.

“Well, little birdie, you have to fight or I kill ya favorite little redhead”  Barbos laughed as he held his sword next to Kaufman neck.

Raven had to defeat three of the Blood Alliance’s finest warriors.  He had no trouble with Zagi, or with Cumore but, then he met Yeager.  Yeager was the first of the three that actually harmed Raven.  He swept his leg with his mighty sickle.  Raven quickly countered with a smoke bomb to give him the time needed to recover.

That was only the first of battles these two evenly matched fighters would have.  The second major encounter ironically took place right here at Zaude when both fighters were left injured with chest wounds that they will never forget, but then something changed their path.

Yeager saw the light and, gave up the path of wickness and joined Raven in his battle against the forces of darkness.  Raven now valued his worse most difficult rival as his most reliable ally.

Raven and Yeager formed Fortunate which no matter what took place today the group of justice and goodwill would continue on till the end of time itself.

Raven looked towards the top of Zaude and his memory flashed again to the first time he stood high on top of the sacred ring of Entellica.  Raven met one of his most devious rivals there.  Duke Fallons.

“Such power in a small package don’t you agree?  It’s called a gun”  Duke fired his pistol at Raven.

For the first time, Raven had faced off with forbidden weapons.  The same weapons that led to the destruction of the first planet.  The blue planet known as Earth.  On Vesperia, such devices were banned due to the dangers they could bring but, Duke had other ideas.

Duke used his weapons to wound Raven and Raven fell to the ocean.  He would had been lost to the world if it hadn’t been for Kam-Re.

Kam-Re the Pegasus saved the archer’s life and revealed a great secret to him.  That secret had led Raven to this point.  He was presented with a tablet that foretold the coming of a greater evil.  Adageagos the hydria Entellica.  The tablet was damaged at the end but, Raven now knew what the missing piece had said.

He rushed into Zaude and began to climb to its top.  His heart was heavy as he approached the peak but, knew he had to do what must be done.  He looked around on the top of the structure and saw the power crystal.  It was a huge blue diamond that floated above the ring.  He placed on hand on the gem and a large platform began to rise in front of the gem.  A huge metal T structure emerged and Raven placed his arms on his outstretch bars.  The cross lit up with a brillant blue shine and, Raven’s body began to course with pain.  He screamed out but, he didn’t lose his resolve.  He knew to save everyone from the corruption of the Adageagos the Zaude canon of purity had to be fired.

The ring glowed with the same blue aura that gem and Raven had.  The ring sent waves of light towards the great beast.  Adageagos hissed and groaned as the light burned his skin.  After two rounds of the pulsing light the ring fired a full assualt of beams.  The beams vanquished any evil that touched their path.  The whole process took only a few minutes but, it felt like an eternality for Raven who was in agony.

Yeager ran to the top of Zaude  and as the giant T platform let go of Raven’s body he caught his body.  Raven’s hands, feet and head were all burned from the time attached to platform.  Yeager was began to reach for his kit to help but, Raven grabbed his hand.

“No, it is my time to leave for now but I will return”  Raven’s body began to turn to ashes.

“Raven!  No”  Yeager wept.

Yeager could only watch as Raven’s ashes began to be lifted into the sky by the winds.  Just for a moment his ashes amazingly wrote out a saying.

“My body is gone, but spirit is with you forever”

The end

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