Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terror Dawn 6

Raven and Yeager went upward a spiral column of steps.  While they journeyed up to the top they could hear the taunts from the multiple head brute.  They picked up their pace as light shined through the opening.  As they reached the top, Yeager looked around and noticed the huge archway behind them.  The arch had a jade crystal perched at its keystone.

“That’s Zaude!”  Yeager pointed.

“Of course, when you fighting an uphill battle you take the only advantage you can get.  I got the home field advantage”  Raven countered.

Adageagos merely laughed at the banter.  He breathed out a dark smoke from his center head and, Alexei appeared from the aura.  Raven and Yeager looked at each other and nodded as they were on the same wavelength.  Raven fired an arrow into the air near Alexei.  As the arrow reached its apex it burst open and showered the area with blinding light.

Raven ran past Alexei while his vision was impaired.  He tossed a serial of black balls behind him as he went which went boom after a few moments closing off any possible pursue.  Raven prepared to fire an arrow at the hydria but, it grabbed him by one of its many heads.

As Alexei’s eyes cleared he was greeted by Yeager’s Leviathan’s Claw.  Yeager swung the huge sickle swiftly back and forth near the herald’s head.  Alexei countered with a shot from his hand gun which grazed Yeager’s shoulder.  He fell to his side as the weight of his prized weapon was too much for his injured arm.  Alexei kicks him to his back and holds his firearm next to his head.  Yeager knew his time was short and options were limited but suddenly he saw one of Raven’s black balls that didn’t explode.  He reached for it and veers his head off the side to miss a shot from Alexei.  He rolled the ball at Alexei’s feet and he trips from the ball.  Yeager pulls out a kniife that he kept hidden away in his boot and slammed it down on Alexei’s wrist/

“Havenor Undine”  Raven chanted .

His brands began to glow and the light blinded the monster’s heads.  He landed on his feet as the creature dropped him.  Raven watched as the heads began to get a smirk on them in unison.

“I think a little brand warfare might be fun,  Polire Havenor Eros Adageagos Alexei Ifrit”  Adageagos chanted.

Alexei’s arms burned as the small black marks at his shoulders grew down his arms.  He grunted as he forced the knife out of his wrist.  He pushed away Yeager with little effort.

“No!  That doesn’t make an Entellican it makes a Sith to have that much power at once.  It supposed to grow and mature overtime with its user.”  Raven proclaimed.

“Yes, your point?  I am not like your spineless master Phaeroh”  Adageagos taunted.

“Havenor Ifrit”  Alexei sent a huge fireball towards Raven.

“Havenor Undine”  Raven countered with a stream of water.

To Raven’s amazement the fire overtook his water and threw him backwards.  He slammed into the wall of Zaude temple.  Raven attempted to get up but, before he could another blast of fiery magic his back keeping him face down to the ground.  When it seemed the most grim he remembered something that Phaeroh once told him.
“Though my life spirit is born of fire, I granting you a stronger force the element of life itself.  Everything lives cause of water and, don’t forget you control all of water’s powers”  Phaeroh echoed in his mind.

“All of water’s powers that includes ice!  Havenor Frosior!”  Raven froze the fireballs sending his way.

Alexei waved his hands in the air and began to spin a ball of flames that grew in size every moment.  His ball of fiery mass increased in heat till it went from red to yellow, to blue, then finally white hot.

“I’m doubting you can block a ball this big with your little ice”  Alexei laughed.

Suddenly Alexei felt a sharp pain in his gut.  He looked down and saw Yeager drove his dagger into his gut.  Yeager fell over as his strength faded.  Alexei stumbled backward and dropped the fireball which exploded

Raven rushed over to Yeager.  He held him in his arms and, couldn’t hold back his tears.  His tears hit Yeager’s body and he began to glow.  Raven watched in awe as the wounds faded away.  Yeager opened his eyes.

“Careful, Kaufman might get jealous”  He joked.

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