Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Raven Files Poems

Raven Files Poems

Raven--Something in me

Dreams and desires
A great legency is mapped out
For me
Some people would run
Knowing that this path
Leads to a short life
And never being at peace
But I dive into it
Not for glory

There's Something in me
That says not to accept
That just because
Ancient texts told
That I would die
If I fight the evil one

Something in me
Says I write my own destiny
That I will win and, bring peace
But if I should fall
I know I have planted seeds

New heroes will stand
And continue what I started
I lead them now but, I am confident
When they are on their own
They will prove themselves

Something in me
Says this is not the end
That there's more just beyond
The next corner
I know it won't always be easy

There's something in me
And if you haven't figured out
I won't let anyone
Stop me from doing what needs to be done
Cause there's something in me
And it's ready to end this evil??

Yeager--A little more free

I was always loyal
But I was betrayed by jackals
That were afraid that I was too powerful
So to the World Series of Villains
Thank you for giving up on me
It only open a new doorway for me
And with a group that appreciates
What I can do
This is where I can be
A little more free


I don’t know where you came from
And sometimes I don’t understand fully
What are you
But, what you do to me
Is so unpredictable
It makes my heart race
It is so uncontrollable
Our love is sometimes illogical
But, above all
It’s undeniable


Some days the clouds follow me
Trouble seems never to give me any peace
But, I like the rain that falls
It’s nature cleansing

So it looks like rain today
But that’s alright with me
Wash away my troubles
And bring a bright rainbow
To shine my way to golden pot

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