Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terror Dawn 4

Adageagos grabbed each of the Entellica with one of his many heads and chained them with magical bonds that even they could not break.  He then breath out waves of dark energy that called forth undead spirits that rose from their graves.

“You there, your name Alexei correct?”  Adageagos echoed as all his heads spoke in unison.

“Yes”  Alexei nervously spoke.

“I need a general for my new army, you will be my general or you can die like Raven did”  Adageagos began to laugh insanely at his own offer.

“Well when you put it that way, I guess I’ll be your general”  Alexei shouted back.

Yeager and the rest of Fortunate went to business on the walking corpses.  He beheaded one with his sickle.

“I guess you can call me your Grim Reaper you zombie freaks!”  Yeager proclaimed as he chopped down two more boney soldiers.

Much to Yeager’s dismay though as he struck the horde down they only got back up and kept coming unharmed.  Even the beheaded one from earlier had replace his skull on his frame.

“Give up and agree to serve me faithfully and I will let you live”  Adageagos offered.

“Never!”  Yeager countered.

Adageagos suddenly noticed a huge portal of light opening in the distance.  The portal glowed a brilliant yellow and blue streak.  The whole battlefield stopped as the portal began to spit out large lit runes.  The runes lined up in sentence form.  Yeager recognized them as Entellician the language of Raven’s race but had no clue what they were stating.  Then one line at a time the runes changed form and became common tongue.

You tried to kill me
You tried to banish me
But you forgot one thing
I am
Protector of the innocent
Defender of Justice
But most of all
I am
Raven the Great

As the last line translated a volley of arrows flew out of the portal hitting many of the zombies.  A hooded figure stepped out of the portal and it closed behind him.  Though Yeager couldn’t see his face, he knew that was Raven.  He pulled back the hood and his silver eyes shined a blinding light.

“The dead should stay dead”  Raven ordered and the light from his eyes froze the rotting horde in their tracks.

The bones fell where they once stood and laid without an trace that they were once moving before.  Raven rose one hand and pointed at Adageagos.

“You have bonded the brotherhood but you are the one that needs those chains!”  Raven proclaimed.

Much to the hydria’s surprise the locks unclamped on the Entellica and began to grasp each one of his heads.

“Impossible!”  The monster defiantly threw off the shackles.

“Impossible?  Don’t you know nothing is impossible!  You wanted me broken but all your Tower of Terror Dawn did was make me stronger”  Raven countered back.

Adageagos knew the battle was lost but, he was ready to end this war.  He dived deep into the ocean.

“This isn’t over Raven”  He taunted.

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