Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terror Dawn 5

Raven approached Phaeroh and looked upward at the great phoenix.  He looked back towards Fortuate and, pointed at Yeager.  He curled his finger and motioned to come.  The entire team began to move but, Raven protested.

“No!  Only Yeager,  the rest of you go to Daghgrest and wait for us to return”  He ordered.

“Undine Eros Uno Harenos Phaeroh”  Raven chanted.

“Say what?  Want to try common tongue Raven?”  Kaufman shook her head puzzled.

“Please this is something I have to do, trust me”  Raven pleaded.

Kaufman, Nan and Kandor mounted their rides and, began to leave.  Kaufman was muttering under her breathe.  For the first time in her married life with Raven she was being left out of something and it troubled her.

Once their horses got enough distance that Raven could no longer see them he turned to Yeager.

“Yeager, I am about to undertake an important ritual.  I chosen you to be my support on this journey.  It will be a long and difficult trip, as well as very dangerous.  Be ready”  Raven ordered.

“Havanor Eros Intyius Undine”  Phaeroh recited.

A swirling light surrounded the two men and, and their bodies began to rise into the air.  The light got brighter and brighter till they had to close their eyes to  withstand it.  Raven woke next to a greenish spring with Yeager next to him.  Raven shook his best friend to wake him.

“Yeager, before we continue I must show you my greatest secret”  Raven took off his jacket.

Raven’s arms were cover in long black markings.  Yeager had seen tattoos in the past but, nothing like these.  The markings shined and appeared to move at times.  Yeager reached out to touch one but, Raven pulled away.

“You don’t want to touch these, you would get a shock literally.  Entellexians when they are born are branded by the Entellica they are swore to serve.  In my case, Phaeroh.  The brand starts small on one side at the top of the arm and then grows a little each birthday till it gets all the way down, which is ten years then as you can see  it begins again on the right.  I got brandings on my legs as well but I didn’t think wanted me to take off my pants”  Raven laughed.

“Yeah, I’ll take your word on that one, so fearless leader what are we doing here, and better question where is here?”  Yeager stood and looked around.

“This is an Aer Krene, they are springs of power for my race.  I am going to empower my brands with its energy then we’re going to kill the Adageagos”  Raven dived into the spring.

Yeager watched as the markings began to shine with the same greenish hue the spring was.  He knew Raven’s powers were incredible but, he had his doubts that only the two of them could take out the dark Entellica.

“I know what you’re thinking how can only the two of us beat him.  Well, stop worrying about that I’m fighting the hydria, you just going to fight his herald”  Raven arose from his swim and began to dress.

“His herald?”  Yeager asked.

“Alexei Rosenberg, he picked him to be his servant.  The good news is because Adageagos picked an adult Alexei won’t receive the abilities of my race that’s only when you select a herald as an infant”  Raven explained.

“Like Phaeroh picked up, I got it, but then why doesn’t the others pick someone?”  Yeager puzzled.

“They can, but the brotherhood are very selective.  At the moment there’s only three Entellexians,  Well two and a half really, Alexei, myself and my daughter”  Raven walked over to a huge boulder.

“Daughter?  I didn’t know you had a child.  Wait Kaufman is so young”  Yeager proclaimed.

“My first love, I met her during the great war…Sabrina died during the war.  I couldn’t father the child so I made arrangements that she be taken care of at Aspio/  I hear she’s become quite the inventor”  Raven pressed in the center of the huge rock and it rolled away.

“Ahead is our enemies/  Remember you keep Alexei busy, Adageagos is mine”  Raven ordered.

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