Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terror Dawn 2

Phaeroh the Phoenix king of the Entellica looked over the dark sands of corruption.  Adageagos his fallen brother had unleashed the darkness of hate onto the world and it was the first time this took place.  Eons ago, the Entellica lived on a blue planet that the natives called Earth.  The Entellica’s time and presence on this world was recorded in myths and legends of an ancient country called Greece.  Phaeroh screeched out a loud booming sound wave that echoed all across Vesperia.  A loud rumble followed as his brotherhood made their way to his crag.

“Brothers, these are times most dire”  Phaeroh opened the meeting.

“I say we crush him, he’s only one and there’s four of us”  Gustoes the Griffin grunted.

“Do I have to remind you how powerful the ten head hydria is? “  Phaeroh asked.

Phaeroh exhaled fire and, within the flames images appear.  It was a past battle back on the blue rock.

“We should not protect these little creatures, we should be their gods!”  Adageagos proclaimed.

“No!  We are the guardians of the world, we have protected  this place before the humans and will continue when their era ends”  Phaeroh countered.

Adageagos grabbed Phaeroh by the throat and threw him into the ocean below.  He then held the fire bird down in the water until his fire was burned out.

“I’ve killed Phaeroh, bow down to me now or die as well”  He shouted to others.

Gustoes took to the air and clawed one of his many heads.  Kroma the Dragon scorched the earth with his red fire.  Kam-Re the Pegasus kicked the giant monster in the gut with his heel feet.  Adageagos grabbed both Gustoes and Kam-Re at the same time and slammed them into each other and then threw Gustoes into Kroma.  He was so gleeful with his success he didn’t notice the red glow coming from the sea.

Suddenly a bright red light flew out from the water.  Phaeroh was even larger then he was before.  He grabbed the hydria and threw him into space and that day he became the king of his people.

“It took me dying once to get the strength to get rid of him.  I rather not have to do that again.  We need to bolstered our ranks.”  Phaeroh explained.

“I have a candidate”  Kroma spoke.

The others had their jaws dropped as Kroma was the least spoken of the four.

“Continue”  Phaeroh ordered.

“A hybrid dragon subclass, he is smaller then me but, his strange but yet powerful green fire maybe even hotter then mine”  Kroma explained.

“Alright get this beast here, I’ll perform the Rite of Enlightenment”  Phaeroh answered.

Kroma returned few minutes later with a dark red winged lizard.  The small but feissy reptitle was attempting to burn the larger black dragon.  Kroma sighed as he finally got tired of the attempts.  He hit the smaller dragon with his mighty tail and knocked him to the ground.  Phaeroh landed next to the dragon.  He leaned down breathe into him an aura.

“The breathe of knowledge and enlightenment I grant you.  Now stand and join your brothers and tell us your name”  Phaeroh ordered.

The small dragon got back upright and looked around.  He placed his front legs on his head as it was being flooded by information.

“Ouch my head hurts.  Me, Efreet”  Efreet told them.

The others all laughed as they remembered the same experience.

“So now we get the traitor?”  Gustoes asked.

“No, first we save Raven”  Phaeroh commanded.

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