Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ephina Allstars Part 1

Ephina was a world that was in need for heroes.  A hooded figure watched thur a magical orb looking for hope from elsewhere.  As he watches he sees some candidates.

On Vesperia the world used to be in chaos but that was before an archer came along.

"The archer will be the leader of Ephina Allstars " The Hooded figure said.

The orb moved on to show another candidate.  The archer inspired others to justice on his journey including a former assassin .

The assassin began his path of right by being the archer's second in command but later became leader of his own team.

"The archer will need members he is familiar  this one will be essential"  The Hooded figure said

The orb moved on to show another candidate and this time it left the world of Vesperia.

On Earth There has been a long history of the struggle between good and evil.  After the third world war though the supply of good was limited but one extraordinary man took the torch of hope anyways.  The man was a product of the last war.  Earth's scientists genetically engineered super soldiers.  The program had flaws though.  Most of the super soldiers lost their humanity and became unstoppable killing machines.

He was different though his creator Dr. Amy Light made him watch videos of peace and goodwill.  The result he possessed the same strength, agility, and heighten senses but retailed sanity.

"This one from this blue planet will be perfect.  Orb of Transport bring the candidates here"  The Hooded figure said

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