Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terror Dawn 3

Apathia are crystals of great power.  The power was so great that for many years it was thought that the power couldn’t be honed but, Rita Mordio had an idea.  She was the youngest researcher of the Aspio Academy of Research.  Rita knew where others failed in tapping the power of the gem.  She took an apathia called a Cyan Cyclonias and, placed it into the containment unit she made the day before for the experiment.  She called the Sphere Ossenfinder.  She did not know at the time but, she had just created the most amazing invention of all time.  The Cyan Cyclonias’s core glowed and flashed faster and faster as the core began to push against the small ball.  Rita watched in amazement as the ball that started the size of a walnut began to grow to the size of an orange.  The core of apathia slightly poked out of the top of the sphere forming a button.  Rita grabbed a long pole and pressed the button in at a safe distance.

“Change”  A voice echoed around the room.

“Change what?”  Rita asked.

“Change me, tell me form”  The voice boomed across.

“A horse”  Rita said.

The ball lit up the entire room.  Rita had to look away as the blinding light came her way.  A few moments later she heard a neighing sound.  She looked back and saw a silver horse with a cyan mane.  She approached the animal with caution.

“Well that’s just great, I’ve lost the gem and turned into a horse, how am I going to revert this?”  Rita asked herself.

“Revert”  A voice boomed and the room lit up again.

The Sphere Ossenfinder landed into hands.  She looked it over/  She could see the black diamond shaped gem inside but, the core of apathia was now missing.  She looked at the cyan button it made a low glowing light as she stared.

“The core merged with the Sphere giving it a life of its own.  The Sphere Ossenfinder possesses some kind of shape shifting power.  More research is needed to better understand this all”  She recited into her audio journal.

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