Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terror Dawn 1

Raven picked himself up and, took a look around.  The area was dark and damp.  There was screams of pain and suffering in the distance but, that wasn’t what caught Raven’s attention.  His personal effects were all missing.  Raven felt naked without his carry all bag which carried a wide assortment of bombs, flares, and other tricks that have come in handy more then a few times.  His quiver of arrows both ordinary and extraordinary was also gone as well though they wouldn’t been much value without his bow Dein Nomos which was also missing.  Finally but not least his prized Cloak of Phase had also vanished.  Raven  turned in all directions looking all over for his belongings.

“Hello”  A voice from behind.

Raven turned around and gasped at the sight of a floating head.  The head had bluish tint and had three horns going across its forehead.  Raven had seen many strange things in his life but never a floating blue demonic head.

“Who are you and what is this place?”  Raven demanded.

“I am Rangar and, this is my Tower of Terror Dawn.  Which you will remain here forever unless…”  Rangar raved.

“Unless what!”  Raven grunted.

“Well behind me a set of stairs which lead to set of trials.  The first four trials will be to recover your belongings.  The next set of trials will place you in melees with people that you have encountered during your travels, and  final set of trials will see if you are worthy to take on your ultimate challenge, I’ll be watching you”  Rangar’s image faded into nothingness.

Raven ran up the first stair case and, heard a rumble.  He looked back for moment and noticed the steps were crumbling as he rose to the next level.  There was no turning back.  Raven reached the top of stairs and saw a doorway.  He opened the door and was pulled inside by a strong gust of wind.

Raven got up and dusted himself off.  He saw his bag of tricks in the distance at the top of another set of stairs.  However when he began to head for the stairs a black blob slammed on the ground.  The blob rose and, became to form features of two dark eyes, and an evil smile.

“Oh does little black bird want his bag?  You have to defeat me first”  The blob shouted.

Raven racked his brain as the huge black creature slowly approached.  How was he to defeat to such a monster without any weapons at all.  Raven looked around and, saw that he was on a cliff top.  Raven ran towards the edge hoping that the creature was as dumb as it appeared.  As he hoped the blob followed him.  He picked up a rock and tossed it at the blob’s left eye.  The partly blind monster lunged at Raven but he sidestepped its lousy attempt.  The blob’s lunge sent it too close to edge and slipped off the cliff.

Raven ran up the stair case and placed his bag of tricks over his shoulder.

“I made that one easy out of the goodness of my heart, the next one will be tougher I swear”  Rangar declared.

“You are full of hot air you disembodied head!”  Raven yelled back.

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