Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 9

“What are those things?”  Nan gasped.

“Some kind of mobile canon”  Raven  proclaimed.

The mobile canons trek across the Sands of Kogoth with an eerie crawl with a trial of tread marks behind them.  Suddenly, from the lead one of the three huge war machines a figure rose up from its underbelly.  The individual pulled up his goggles to reveal his red eyes.  He raised his hand up high and as he dropped it all three canon fired in unison.

Raven and Fortunate ducked down as the huge shells whiz by them.

“We can’t survive a direct hit of that!”  Nan shouted.

“It’s a canon right, why can’t we just plug it up?”  Leblanc asked.

Raven looked at his former student and, gave him a pat on the back.

“Leblanc, you have learned a thing or two didn’t you?”  Raven ran towards the mobile canons.

“Knights protect, Raven the Great”  Leblanc ordered.

Raven pulled out three arrows and, made his way to the lead canon.  At one point the canon fires at him but, a knight shoves Raven out of the way.  Raven got back up and looked back.  He silently promises that his sacrifice won’t be in vain.  Raven fired his first arrow and breaks open right before it hit’s the lead canon’s barrel.  Glue was released that stuck onto the end of the mobile canon’s barrel.

“You will pay for that!”  The man jumped down from his platform.

Ringbores goes whizzing by both Raven and the man which catches the man’s attention.  He watches as Nan catches her giant ring on its return.  He heads towards her.

“Hey knife ears, how dare you share the same air I, Alexei Rosenberg breathes”  He lunges at Nan.

Kandor gets between them though and slams Thororion into Alexei’s gut.

“We can breathe the air, it doesn’t belong to you”  Kandor grunted.

Alexei sighed as he had dirty his hands with this dwarf.  He was created the perfectly and, all those who were not like Alexei were no different then the sands of the desert.  Alexei took out a small whistle and blew it.  The other two mobile canons fired and Kandor was thrown backward.

“Kandor!”  Nan went to him and held his head.

“Kandor is fine, she-elf”  He grunted.

Raven fired glue arrows into the barrels of the other canons rendering them useless or at least the firing ability anyways.  He ordered a retreat to the crag which Duke and his cohorts believed they had the advantage which is but, Raven had a trump card still.

“Stop Duke!  For the kid gloves are off now!  If you continue this battle, it will lead to your peril”  Raven warned.

Duke began to laugh insanely.

“If you haven’t noticed you are trapped between a rock and hard place”  Duke crackled as he could taste victory.

“Look again Duke, or I should say look up?”  Raven pointed to the top of the crag.

Duke looked up and his laughter ended as he saw his true situation.  Perched on top of the crag was a huge bird.  He had never seen this bird personally before but, knew it was Phaeroh  the phoenix Entellica.  Suddenly he heard a rumble behind him and there was giant dragon blocking their escape.  Kroma the dragon Entellica took a deep breathe in and burned a wall of fire around the war machines.

Alexei cleaned out the glue in the barrel of his mobile canon but, as he orders for it to be fired Gustoes the griffion Entellica picks up the mobile canon and drops it on another one of the mobile canons.

Duke pressed a button on his head set and metal bird swept in and he grabs on an escape ladder.  Raven took a quick look to see that Phaeroh was healing Kandor’s wounds with his tears, as well sees Kam-Re landing near him.

“He can’t get away, let’s go Kam-Re”  Raven climbed up on the winged horse.

Raven followed the metal bird on his winged friend.  He points down to Mount Temza to direct Kam-Re to head there. Kam-Re got ahead of Duke’s plane and, as Raven expected Duke followed them towards the huge mountain.  Kam-Re continued to head right at the side of mountain.  Raven pulled hard on the reigns just before they colliding with Temza but, Duke wasn’t as lucky.  His plane smashes into the mountain.  There is a huge boom as Duke’s corpse is burning and cover in a mix of his blood and oil.

As Raven landed back near his friends a huge rumble came from the ocean.  A huge monster with ten heads rose out of the water.

“Oh no it’s the Adageagos, we were too late”  Kam-Re sighed.

Raven walked over the huge creature.  He extended his arms looked into the many eyes of the monster.

“If you were here to destroy this world, I will stop you!”  Raven proclaimed.

“Ah, the server of my brothers, I could crush you and then everyone would bow down to me but, I think this will be more fun”  Adageagos picked up Raven and threw him into a dark void.

“Raven! Where did you send him?”  Phaeroh demanded.

“To the Tower of Terror Dawn, of course”  He answered with an unison laugh from all his heads.

The end

To be continued in The Tower of Terror Dawn

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