Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 5

Raven fell from the top of Zaude.  Drops of red raining down ahead of him as he descended to the ocean below.  Raven closed his eyes as he was to hit the water but, suddenly he wasn’t falling anymore.  He opened his eyes and he was lying on the ground.  He got up and, looked himself over.  He noticed the eight holes from Duke’s gunfire had closed up.  The only sign that he had ever been shot was the blood stains and holes in his top.  He looked around and saw nothing familiar to him.  The area had ivory houses all around and golden roads running through.  He walked towards a huge gate and looked beyond.

“Whoa, this city is in the sky”  Raven gasped.

“Welcome to Sky City”  A voice behind him said.

Raven turned and saw a huge winged horse.  The Pegasus was white and had huge golden wings.  Raven noticed the silver eyes as well which told him this was an Entellica he had not yet met before.  Raven bowed in respect to the great flying horse.

“I am Raven the Great, the child of the full moon, forgive great Entellica but I am not familiar with you“  Raven introduced himself.

“I am Kam-Re the Pegasus Entellica.  I watch and protect this great hidden city of Sky City.  Wait did you say your name is Raven? “  Kam-Re asked.  “A raven was a black bird”  Kam-Re added quietly to himself.

“Yes, I am Raven”  Raven answered.

Kam-Re grabbed Raven tossing him into the air and placing him on his back.  Kam-Re began to ride to the biggest house of the city.  As he reached the doors they swung open for the winged horse automatically.  Inside was a huge wall inscription in Entellexian language.  Raven looked it over.

“One day, the black bird will come, and he will usher in generations of peace, and be a protector of the innocent, and a defender of justice, but the black bird will receive a great defeat by an evil using the weapons agreed to be no longer used, the black bird will return with a new friend who has wings of gold and great bow of bravery, he will defeat his enemy and stave off the Adageagos”  Raven red the story.

“Well, I am the black bird, it is talking about, friend with wings of gold that be you, Kam-Re.  The enemy that using banned weapons that’s Duke, but what is the bow of bravery and what is the Adageagos?”  Raven asked.

“I am sorry my friend, but I am not familiar with the Adageagos; however the bow of bravery on the other hand.  It’s a weapon that was made by my brotherhood.  It’s one of four weapons that great heroes must be tested and earned to use.  The bow’s name is Dein Nomos.  There’s also Leviathan’s Claw, Thororion, and Ringbores as well.”  Kam-Re explained.

“Phaeroh would know can you take me to him, Kam-Re”  Raven asked.

Without hesitating Kam-Re ran out of the house.  Raven had to hold on hard not to be thrown off.  Kam-Re jumped into the air and began to flap his huge wings.  Kam-Re soared smoothly through the air.  Raven looked down and saw trees looking like small bushes.  Raven then saw the great Mt Temza look like a small hill from the heights they were.  Kam-Re landed at Phaeroh’s Crag.  The huge firebird rose his head as saw the Pegasus.

“Phaeroh, can you tell me what the Adageagos is?”  Raven asked as he got down from Kam-Re.

“Adageagos was once an Entellica but, he betrayed the brotherhood.  As you know, Raven we are guardians of the world.  Adageagos destroyed a planet long ago and, thus we cast him out into the realm of space itself.”  Phaeroh explained.

“So, what sub-species is he?  The picture at Sky City was damaged”  Raven replied.

“I know you are familiar with the human names we received when my kind lived on the planet of Earth.  Do you remember the legend of Hercules from Greek legend, in that story he fought a many sea monster with many heads which devour people with and to make matters worse if you remove a head.”  Phaeroh was cut off by Raven.  “It grew three more, so Adageagos is a hydria”  He said.

“Kam-Re I need to do some things before I can return to my friends, please watch over them.  I’ll meet you when you are ready for collecting the great weapons of old.”  Raven walked off towards Mt. Temza.

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