Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 7

Kaufman’s Fortunate entered the village of Mantinea and noticed a commotion around the town center.  A man was standing on a podium and, screaming his doubt and fears among everyone around him.  Raven got off his horse and took a spot in the crowd as he listened to the crazed man.  Raven heard a teenage girl counter his rants by saying that “Raven the Great is coming to help”

“Raven the Great is a myth.  Everyone says he’s eight feet tall and can shoot fire from his eyes.  He isn’t coming to save you, we’re all doomed!”  The crazed man screamed

Raven grabbed the mouth of Nan who was about to speak up.  “I’ll handle this myself”  He said quietly.

“You’re right, Raven is not coming.  Why would someone that big and powerful waste his time helping people and you’re right Raven isn’t going to save you, because you will save yourselves.  I will teach you how to fend for yourselves.  Yes, Raven isn’t coming, for I am Raven, and I am already here!”  Raven proclaimed.

“You’re not Raven, you are not even all that big”  The crazed idiot countered.

“People can make a difference no matter how big they are,  Meet my friend Kandor, he’s a dwarf, and yet he is one of the strongest warriors I’ve ever known.  Meet the incredible Nan, she isn’t big either but, her skills are so fine that she can tackle people much bigger then them and as for me, I am an archer and with proper training and practice the bow can be very powerful for anyone no matter what size.”  Raven declared.

Kaufman’s Fortunate set up training areas for the village.  Raven taught archery.  He fired an arrow with Dein Nomos.  He did it slower then usual  so the crowd could see how he pulled the bow back.

“Duke’s agents use the gun but, it has a weakness.  The gun only has one shot.  It takes them forever to reload.  I can fire seven arrows in one minute, while I don’t expect the same from a new archer, I believe you can do three arrows which is still two more arrows then the one bullet from their guns”  Raven explained.

Nan taught star throwing in the next station.  She threw a throwing star in each hand at the bulls eye.  She watched as the villagers threw theirs.  A few stars hit the target while others went into the ground.  The young elf slapped her forehead.  “This is gonna be a long day”  She said quietly.

Yeager’s station was meant to teach how to use the common items they had as weapons.  He swept the leg of a training dummy then stabbed it with Leviathan’s Claw.

“You can do this with the pitch forks you use everyday on your farms.”  Yeager explained.

Raven looked over the gateway as a trial of dust swept across the land.  He could barely see a metallic reflection in front the sweep.  He reached into his bag of tricks and pulled his looking glass.  He zoomed in and saw some kind of stage coach but, not an ordinary one.  There were no horses pulling this metal object along the ground.  He realized that it had to be another one of Duke’s machines.  He looked the machine over and noticed its wheels looked black and, made of rubber.  He wondered if the rubber could be pierced?

“Everyone to your positions!  They are coming!”  Raven ordered.

Most of the villagers hid in various spots.  Which left only Raven, the rest of Fortunate, and the town elder out in the open.  The auto-coach came to a stop and a man stepped out.  The man had a long range gun strapped across his shoulder, two more hand guns to each of his sides, and over his right eye was a red lens monocle.

“I want my weekly, payment old man”  He pointed at the elder.

“They’re not going to pay you anymore, stranger”  Raven countered.

“Ah, Raven the Great, my boss told me about you and your cohorts, but you are wrong these people are so afraid and…”  The man snapped his fingers.

Suddenly from the back of the auto-coach, opened and rushing out were twelve blood alliance thugs which each of them had a long gun in the hands.

“As you can see, you are outnumbered”  The man laughed.

“Now!”  Raven shouted.

A volley of arrows came flying out from the distance.  The frazzled troops fired their guns in random directions.  They then were forced to fumble around with their gun trying to reload them.  Before they could complete the reloading another volley came soaring towards them.

“They’re not afraid of you anymore.”  Raven proclaimed.

The second unit came in next with their throwing stars.  None of the stars did any damage but, the small spinning metal objects continued to put the thugs on edge.  They stumbled about as the third unit came ready.

“I didn’t catch your name by the way.  Send a message to Duke for me.  I’m tired of this crap, come meet me in the Sands of Kogoth for a epic battle to decide all”  Raven ordered.

“I’m Evan Eagles, and if you are that stupid to have a fight with Duke, he’ll be glad to crush your spirit”  Eagles laughed.

The third unit ready with their pitch forks tripped the thugs and disarmed them with a quick sweeping move.  The troops got up and ran away screaming in fear.  Eagles shook his head.

“Good help is so hard to find, well I guess I’ll be off, I’ll deliver your message, little birdie”  He got into the auto-coach.

Raven laughed as he looked around at the villagers who were no longer afraid but, rejoicing their victory.  Raven mounted his horse and, began to ride off.

“Wait!  How can we thank you for saving us?”  The elder asked.

Raven turned his horse back and rode up to the elder.

“Did I fire those arrows?  Did I throw those stars?  Did I wield those pitch forks?  No I didn’t save you, you saved yourself as I told you that you would.  Now you know how to fight for your home and will let no bully take it from you”  Raven rode off.

“One question Raven, why the Sands of Kogoth?”  Yeager asked.

“The only advantage we have is to pick the venue dear friend, and well I have a plan”  Raven explained.

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