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Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 4

The trio turned to see a hooded figure walking towards them. The hooded man took a place in a line across with Yeager along his side, and Kandor and Nan making the right end of the lineup.  He pull back his hood to reveal his face.

“I knew that idiot Duke couldn’t put you down”  Yeager declared.

“Who the heck is this human?”  Kandor grunted.

Yeager was about to answer that outburst but, the man grabbed his arm.

“Who am I?  I am one of the last of the children of the full moon, I am a member of a dying race, I am not a human, Dwarf!  I am Raven the Great, and the leader of Kaufman’s Fortunate!”  Raven proclaimed.

“In these caverns, there are four weapons, they are no ordinary weapons, they grant special powers to those who are deemed worthy of them.  Dien Nomos the Bow of Bravery, Leviathan’s Claw the Sickle of Strength, Thororion the Hammer of Honor, and Ringbores the Ring of Reality.  You each will have to pass a test to earn your weapon”  Kam-Re instructed.

Raven led the four into the caverns.  He reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a flare.  He lit the flare and saw the symbols on the walls.

“This is Entellexian script”  He said.

“What?”  The trio said in unison.

“The race you know better as the children of full moon are the Entellexian, which are the evolved form of Entellica race, which I’m sure you noticed Kam-Re and all other of his kind have silver eyes like mine.  Most of my race dyed out in a war with the Kritian many centuries ago though.”  Raven explained.

“Well then, what does this stuff say?”  Yeager asked.

“Those who seek the arms of Entellexian must prove themselves worthy,  Each corridor contains one of the four.  For the archer that faces and passes his fear, he’ll received the bow of bravery,  For the reaper who proves he has true strength, he’ll earn the sickle of strength, for the ninja that proves that they can tell what’s real and what’s not will gain the ring of reality and, for the warrior who proves he fights with honor will be bestowed the hammer of honor”  Raven read.

Raven took the corridor that the bow would lead to.  He had no idea how the test might be like but, was confident he’ll pass.  After about fifty feet in, the corridor opened up to a large room.  Raven gasped as he saw Nan on the far end of a gap.  He was about to leap over to the other side when he saw the vipers in the gap below.  Raven stopped in his tracks.

“Why did it have to be snakes?”  He said.

Suddenly, a large snake grabbed Nan’s leg.  She screamed.  Raven’s fear of snakes was great but, his nature to helping someone in need was greater.  He reached out his zip line arrow and fired it across the gap.  He swung across the gap.  A few of the legless reptiles tried to take a bite at him but, he kept his body up high on the line.  He kicked off the snake on Nan, and was about to help her up when Nan disappeared.  In her place floated in midair was a golden bow.  The bow had diamond and ruby gems around its handle and on the inside arch was written.

“True bravery is to do what’s right even when you are scared.  This is the bow of bravery, Dien Nomos”  Raven read.
Yeager walked down the path set for Leviathan’s Claw.  He wondered how the sickle would be?  He also wondered what would be his test of strength.  He entered a large room with a huge rock pile in one corner.  He noticed Kandor standing next to the pile.  He was leaning against the rock pile.  The pile began to get loose.  A huge rock fell on top of the dwarf.  Yeager rushed over and began to try to push the huge rock away.  Kandor grunted in pain as Yeager failed to move to the stone.  Yeager took out his sickle and stuck the blade part under the rock creating a lever.  He pressed down as hard as he could.  His sickle’s handle bent as far as it could until it snapped.  The recoil of the snap moved the rock the last few feet to free Kandor.  Yeager went to help the dwarf but mist came and, where Kandor had been was a huge sickle.  The sickle had a scale armored rod and, the blade looked like it was made of a large animal’s claw and inscribed on the blade was its name.

“Leviathan’s Claw, I see where you get your name”  Yeager said as grabbed the reaper.

Kandor murmured to himself as he went down his path.  He was intrigued retrieve this weapon but, he was still steaming that he was taking orders from others.  Especially; from a human and a humanlike creature.  He entered a large room and saw Raven in the middle of fight circle.

“I’m challenging you Dwarf to a battle!”  Raven shouted.

Kandor fired out a war cry and, raised his hammer.  He rushed in towards Raven.  Raven fired a barrage of arrows at Kandor but, he ignored them and swung his hammer at the archer.  Suddenly the earth shook and Raven lost his balance.  Kandor stood over him with his hammer pulled back and ready to slam the archer.  Kandor froze in his tracks though, he grunted a few times as he put down his hammer.

“Nay, Kandor will not take a victory like that”  He reached down to help up Raven.

Raven faded away and, in his place was a huge war hammer that had ivory crusting.  Kandor looked at the hammer for several moments then he noticed dwarf script on the handle.

“Victory without honor is a defeat.  Always fight with honor and Thororion will never let you down”  He read.

Nan went down her journey.  She wondered what was in store for her.  She also wondered how the others were fairing.  As she entered a large room a ring of fire engulfed the area trapping her inside it.  

“This can’t be real”  Nan said.

She saw Yeager on the other side of the ring and he was on fire.  She wanted to help him but, she was afraid to get burned.  Then she remembered the test.

“Ring of Reality”  She said as she walked into the fire.

She felt no heat from the flames and when she reached Yeager he faded away as well.  A huge silver crested ring that she could tell she could throw and spin it like her former big star.  She noticed elfish writing on the center handle.

“If you know what’s real Ringbores will always be true”  She read.

She left the room and reentered the main corridor she was greeted by the others who also had received their prized weapons as well.
“Now let’s get back to the ship, so we can start taking the fight to Duke”  Raven ordered.

The foursome began to walk back to the Fietra.

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