Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 2

The winds died down and the Fietra had to come to a stop until the wind picked up again.  Kaufman knew they were still a day away from Daghgrest however it was the nature of sailing.  She was at the mercy of the wind currents.  Kaufman looked over the water astern and saw a metallic shine.  “Another ship?” She said to herself.  She continued to watch the small object begin to get bigger and more in focus as it came her way.

“That can’t be a ship where is its sails”  Nan proclaimed.

Kaufman continued to watch the ship continuing to head their way.  She noticed the lack of sails as well but even if it had sails it wouldn’t been able to head in that direction.  The winds were gone so sails or not it shouldn’t been possible.  Kaufman began to hear a humming.  “Is that coming from the ship?”   She asked herself.

That’s when she saw it though.  Her heart sank as she saw the row of metal birds on the top of ship.  This ship was Duke’s, and that meant it was using some kind of technology that wasn’t supposed to exist.  She knew they were in great trouble.  Her greatest foe was bearing down on her proud ship and, without any wind they were as good as dead.  Suddenly in the corner of her eye though she saw a figure in the sky.  She thought for a moment it was a bird but, as the figure left the glare of the sun she saw the mane.

It was a large white horse.  The sheer size and the beautiful white frame were quite a sight but, that wasn’t what Kaufman was staring at.  She kept looking onward on the horse’s pair of golden wings which the horse began flapping quickly.  The Fietra’s sails began to fill with breeze from the winged horse’s flapping.  Kaufman took the wheel and steered them away from Duke.

Two hours of running away the wind died down again and, Kaufman walked across the deck.  She saw the huge winged horse.  It stared at her with its big silver eyes which made her think about her fallen friend Raven who had the same color.

“Lady Kaufman, I’m Kam-Re of the Entellica”  The Pegasus said.

“How did you know my name?”  She asked.

“My brothers and I have been made aware of what the human called Duke is doing, and we can’t let him destroy what we have sworn to protect.  I‘ll be watching over you”  Kam-re flew off into the glare of the sun.

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