Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 8

“Raven!  Have you lost your mind?”  Kaufman shook her head in disbelief,

“No, the longer this fight goes on, the more that will get hurt.  We have to end this fight right now”  Raven declared.

“Yeah, but why here?  It’s so hot”  Nan wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Three reasons.  First one, no people live here so no innocents will be caught in the crossfire of this fight.  Second one, It’s a part of my plan, and last reason, because I have a friend that lives around here and, I think it’s time for Duke and him to meet”  Raven explained.

The whole group looked at each other and all around.  They wondered who would live in such a desolate and hot place?  Raven looked over the desert field and noticed the rocky crag to the south.  He drew a sand map with one end of his bow.

“Ok, listen we have to keep that crag behind us, we can’t let Duke get between us and that crag.  If things get too troubled fall back towards that crag.  Understood?”  Raven pointed at the crag.

The group all nodded in unison but, they couldn’t understand what Raven was planning.  What was so special about that crag?  Before they had the time to really consider it though a huge dust field began to sweep towards them.  Raven took out his looking glass and saw three auto-coaches like the one he saw before.  In the middle one, there was Duke who had some strange looking horn in his hand.  No doubt another banned machine Raven thought.  To Duke’s left was the Blood Alliance’s boss, Barbos who had replaced his trusted sword for one of Duke’s long guns.  On the right was Duke’s right hand, Evan Eagles who had a smirk on his face as they approached.

Duke put the strange horn to his mouth and his voice boomed across the lands as if he could be heard across the entire planet.

“Ah, Great archer we meet again, I never thought you would want to fight me again after I left in the condition you were in at Zaude”  Duke laughed.

“Duke!  Listen to me, you are leading the world to its ruin.  A monster is coming and it’s drawn to the banned machines.  If you won’t stop yourself, then I will end your reign of terror”  Raven declared.

Duke smirked and yawned in boredom.  He pressed a button next to him and a mounted gun rose from the back end of his vehicle.  The gun was different from the other ones that he had used before. Instead of one barrel, it had several that ringed around a center barrel.  He pressed another button and the mounted gun’s barrels began to rotate and fire.  As each barrel made its way to the top of circle it fired.

Raven and Fortunate had to duck down into the sand to avoid the continuous fire.  Raven tried to stop the multiple fire gun but, his arrows bounced off with no effect.  Then Raven remembered how he noticed the rubber tires on the auto-coach.  He fired two arrows.  The two arrows hit the front wheels.

“Nice try archer but, your arrows won’t make them flat.  These wheels were once called run flat tires”  Duke laughed at his own joke.

However the joke was on Duke though.  Raven figured that his arrows wouldn’t alone make them flat but, he didn’t fire ordinary arrows.  After a few seconds, the left arrow blew up.  The auto-coach hunched over from its left side.  Then the right arrow also exploded.  The mounted gun broke off its mount as the auto-coach crashed down.

Duke still had an arrogant smile on his face as he gave a glance over to both Barbos and Eagles.  The backend of the two cohorts’ auto-coaches opened and twelve troopers came marching out of each machine.  Raven fired a barrage of arrows at the troops but, their armor protected them.

“Finally!  Some fun!”  Kandor grunted.

Kandor rushed the unit of thugs.  They fired their long guns but, nothing could slow down the dwarf.  He slammed his mighty hammer Thororion on the ground.  The earth shook and the troopers fell over.  Yeager swept the legs of one trooper but, as he was going to drive Leviathan’s Claw into his torso, Barbos tackled him.

“You will die by my hand laddie”  Barbos began to choke Yeager.

For Yeager it was rare for him to be in a battle that he wasn’t the biggest but, the brute was not only taller then him but much more heavier.  Yeager remembered a move he had learned recently from Nan that would be perfect.  He chopped the elbows of Barbos with quick slaps.  Barbos grip loosen and, Yeager pushed him away.

Nan was surrounded  by an unit of troopers.  She pulled her large ring and threw it in a circular motion.

“I just hate crowds”  Nan grabbed Ringbores as it came back to her.

Duke grunted in disgust at the poor display of his  army.  He pressed a button next to his right ear and a small microphone extended out..

“Send in the fighters”  He said into the microphone.

Suddenly a roar came from the distance.  Raven looked over towards the commotion.  At first he thought it was just more auto-coaches but, these machines didn’t have wheels.  They trek across the sands with tread bands but, that was not what all of Kaufman’s Fortunate was staring at.  In the front of each machine was huge long canons.

“We’re seriously outnumbered here”  Nan sighed.

“How do you like my tank fighters, little birdie”  Duke laughed sinisterly.

Duke’s joy ended quickly when he heard another rumble coming.  He looked back and saw several hundred horsemen in full gallop entering the area.

“Stage one of my plan is compete, now we’re in stage two”  Raven said to himself.

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