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Kaufman's Fortunate chapter 3

Kaufman moored the Fierta near a beach that was a day or two travel via horseback to Daghgrest.  Her way of thinking was that the Blood Alliance would be ready for them to dock at Daghgrest directly.  She noticed a new tower in the middle plains away from all of living signs.  The huge metal tower had giant canon on its top.  She kept wandering through her memories that she had seen a canon like that before but couldn’t recall where.

As they rode pass the tower the canon moved and aimed towards them.  Kaufman gave her ride a nudge to pick up its pace.  The canon began to fire huge fiery blasts.  They continued to ride hard as explosions crashed around them.  Kaufman led them towards the bridge that entered Daghgrest when suddenly the huge canon blasted away the bridge.  She pulled back on her horse to stop.  As she turned around though they were surrounded by members of Blood Alliance.  She also noticed they had a dwarf in bonds.

She gave Nan a look over and eyed the dwarf.  Nan nodded as she had the same idea.  Nan pulled a small ninja star from her belt and threw towards the dwarf.  The star sliced through the chain links with ease.  The dwarf grunted a war cry as he drew his war hammer and began to slam and smash his former captors.

The giant canon fired again and, shook the ground.  The Blood Alliance thugs grabbed Kaufman and held a knife to her throat.

“Drop your weapons or I kill the Lady Profit”  The thug proclaimed.

They sighed as they were forced to do as they were told.  The thugs led them to the huge tower.  It looked even taller up close.  The tower rose several hundred feet into the air.  Kaufman noted that the guards had guns like Duke’s gun.  “Are they working with Duke?”  She quietly asked herself.

“Well, what do we have here laddies?  Maybe I ought try out my new toy on you girlie”  Barbos pointed a gun at Kaufman.

“I thought the Blood Alliance didn’t play second fiddle to anyone, but now I see you’re just Duke’s lapdogs!”  Kaufman boasted defiantly.

Barbos slapped Kaufman across her face with the butt of his gun.  The others grunted in anger as she fell down.

“Take them to the cell”  Barbos ordered.

Guards grabbed Kaufman and drugged her across the floor while other guards ushered the others along as well.  The guards picked up Kaufman and tossed her into the cell and then the others were pushed in as well.

“Fine rescue you did”  The dwarf grunted.

“We were trying to help you” Nan took off her pink headband to use to clean Kaufman’s face.

Kaufman looked up at Nan and noticed for the first time that she had pointed ears.  The telltale sign of the elves.

“No wonder this rescue didn’t go as planned with an elf on the party”  The dwarf snorted.

“Well, maybe we would do better if you would carried your own weight shortie”  Nan shot back.

“Enough!  Both of you, this solves nothing, we have to be a team to get out of this, so Nan and I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name”  Kaufman raised her hands to get their attention.

“Me?  I, Kandor of Aspio”  Kandor introduced himself.

The cell door opened and a tall figure stepped in.  Kaufman’s green eyes burned with anger as she glazed over him.  The Blood Alliance’s second-in-command Yeager just looked her way for a few moments without saying a word.

“Leave us!”  He ordered the guards/

“But, Barbos said no one could be in here without an escort.”  One guard countered.

“Who am I?  No, better question who are you to question my orders?  I’m Barbos’ right hand, what I say is the same as his word for you now obey me or I’ll slay you where you stand”  Yeager raised his sickle.

The two guards sprinted out of the cell.  Yeager gave a small grin as they flew out of the door as fast as bats out of the abyss.  He turned back towards the group.

“Is it true that the Archer is dead?”  He asked Kaufman/

“What did you come to gloat and celebrate his death!”  Kaufman shouted back.

“On the contrary, my Lady Profit, Raven and I made had been enemies, I respected the man, and I know he shared the feeling, I don’t celebrate the death of my equal in battle.  Especially, if what Duke said is true.  Did he really gun down Raven like a coward?”  Yeager sighed.

“He did.  We were there, Leblanc and me, we saw it all.”  Kaufman replied.

“By the maker!  No great warrior deserves to go out that way!  I know, we have been enemies Lady Kaufman but, I have to make this right.”  Yeager opened his jacket and weapons rolled out from under.

He undid their bonds and, the warriors picked up a weapon from Yeager’s stash.  A small arsenal of throwing stars for Nan, a small battle ax for Kandor, and a short sword for Leblanc.  Yeager left the cell first.  He distracted the guards as the others slipped out as well.  Once Yeager saw they were all out he gave a quick and powerful punch across one guard’s jaw and, before the other could respond, Nan broke a flower pot over his head.

Yeager took lead as they continued to make their way to the exit.  He swung his huge reaper to keep away former compatriots.  Barbos grunted as he saw the betrayal right before his eyes.

“Yeager, you’re dead you lousy traitor”  Barbos shouted.

“You’re the traitor, Barbos, you sold out the Blood Alliance to Duke!”  Yeager countered back.

The group made their way through bad shots that couldn’t hit even a point blank range.  Duke’s guns that he had given the assassins were only good for single shots.  After firing the handguns reloading them was a pain in the neck.  Yeager used the reload time to move the group out the tower.  He knew that the worse part wasn’t over though.  For the last  line of defense wasn’t even Duke’s doing.  The huge canon on top of the tower was the same canon that Raven witnessed months ago on Mount Temza.  The canon that had a life of its own.  Kritian’s Heracles canon had been stolen by the Blood Alliance with help of Duke.  The canon fired a few shots around the heroes.

“Look it’s that winged horse again!”  Nan pointed into the sky.

Kam-Re flew round and round the tower which had the canon spinning trying to hit him.  He was too fast for the canon however.  The canon began to smoke as its turning gears overheated.  Kam-Re noticing the overheating landed next to the canon and gave it a huge kick with his hind legs.  The canon fell off the tower and slammed into the sand below.  Kam-Re landed next to the group.

“You lost some of your weapons my companions.  I know where you can find replacements if you are up for the quest”  Kam-Re pulled tossed a bag which he had in his mouth at Yeager’s feet.

Yeager opened the bag and saw a map.  He unrolled the map and looked it over.  He saw a cave marked on the Mecca land.  They continued their way back to the Fietra.

“We can’t go on this quest until your names are cleared”  Yeager took out a letter gave it to Leblanc.

“That letter will clear your names, it contains proof that you’re innocent”  Yeager added.

Kam-Re landed on the deck.

“Let me fly you, young knight to Daghgrest to get this clear up”  Kam-Re offered.

Leblanc tried to get on the winged horse but, fell off.  Yeager grabbed him and lifted him back up there.  Kam-Re flew off with Leblanc hanging on as tight as he could.

“It probably take some time before he gets back, I say we go find these legendary weapons”  Yeager ordered.

“Wait who died and made you leader?”  Kandor grunted.

“One, I am the only one with command experience.  Two, I am just  filling in until the real leader arrives”  Yeager said.

Mecca land was the most mountainous area of the entire world.  It had a ton of caves that many could get lost in.  Yeager suggested that Kaufman remain with the ship since the dangers.  She reluntically agreed.  Yeager reached the cave the on the map and noticed the carvings of a bow, a huge ring, a hammer, and a reaper.

“If I’m reading these symbols right there’s four weapons in there somewhere, but there’s only three of us.”  Yeager explained.

Kam-Re landed in front them.

“The knight has cleared their names, but he has been ordered to stay and take part in knightly duties, and yes you will need a team of four for this journey”  Kam-Re proclaimed.

“Ah, are you gonna be the fourth bird horse”  Kandor murmured.

“No, I had more him in mind for that”  Kam-Re pointed with his gold wings into the distance.

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